The bank has gradually announced an interest increase on the initial loan in 2023.

Many banks have gradually announced a 0.40% increase in interest rates on loans, effective from 2023 onwards, following the increase in the FIDF remittance rate. Commercial Bank of Siam Mr. Krit Chanthanotok Chief Executive Officer Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited reveals that after the BOT enabled financial institutions to revert to FIDF remittances at […]

A women’s rubber ball is good for the heart – a bad story Chonburi football gets drunk and strikes the dead. A compilation of the best Thai sports news in 2022

1. Thailand Women’s National Volleyball Team Making history through the bottom 8 Nations League teams Thailand women’s national volleyball team This creates a lot of happiness for brothers and sisters all over the country The performance of the new Thailand rubber hitting team has changed since the 7 Sian era, led by “Chompoo” Pornphan Kerdprat, […]

Air alert declared throughout Ukraine on January 1 – what is known

Air defense systems operate in the Kiev region. There is a missile threat and “Shahed” attacks. Residents are advised to stay in shelters until the alarm is lifted. According to the military administration of the city of Kiev, a car in the Shevchenkovsky district had previously been damaged by rocket fragments. Police are being asked […]

January 2022 marked by the start of work on the new water system

BUDGET OF THE YEAR. The year 2022 passed with the speed of light. After finally “letting go” of the pandemic, it was possible to regain a certain rhythm and enjoy life a little more. Each month, the news was numerous. The Express I went through the local chronicles to highlight a few headlines that deserved […]

Five habits to prevent diabetes

URBANBOGOR.COM – Illness diabetes or diabetes in medical science to be pathology requiring lifelong care. Therefore, it is important to do this habit good effort for to prevent from now. This, as stated by the charity Diabetes UK, reminded of the importance of awareness to adjust lifestyle, including diet, in order to reduce the risk […]