Headache on the left side Headache What disease can you tell me?

left sided headache Some people have temple pain or shooting pain.blow Pain behind the ears extending to the back of the neck You should verify that this symptom is a signal prompt.dpathologywhat have a headacheOften a left side is a symptom that some people experience until they get used to it. but sometimes there are […]

BMKG warns of the possibility of extreme rainfall in Greater Jakarta today

Jakarta – BMKG extension warned of the possibility of extreme rain in Jabodetabek today. BMKG confirms this forecast is not a hurricane. “Precipitation forecast in Greater Jakarta for tomorrow December 30. This is the result of modeling, Greater Jakarta it’s mostly pink and red and it’s evenly spread out so that’s what you need to […]

Influencer Andrew Tate arrested in Romania

Influencer Andrew Tate and his brother have been arrested in Romania on suspicion of human trafficking. Published: Less than 2 hours ago Updated just now Controversial influencer Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan Tate have been arrested for human trafficking in Romania. This was reported by the Romanian police in a Press release. On Thursday, […]

Ms. Pang was very impressed with the atmosphere at GBK

Jakarta – Stadium thunder Bung Karno made the manager the Thai national team Nuanphan Lamsam very impressed. He also loudly praised the fans Indonesian national team. From Indonesia vs Thailand in group A AFF Cup 2022 took place at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, Thursday (29/12/2022) evening WIB. This match was packed with about 50 thousand […]

Kanye West tops the list of anti-Semites

West leads the way both for spreading anti-Semitic remarks and conspiracy theories and for using his massive social media platform to promote hate, bigotry and indifference, the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles said on Thursday. Angeles. The center said that, thanks to West, anti-Jewish hatred has become part of the mainstream discourse on social […]

Will Apple release the new iPad Mini next year?

KOMPAS. com – The admirers Apple (fanboys Apple) may be aware that Apple will not be releasing an iPad mini model in 2022. iPadmini the last launched was Sixth generation iPad Mini last September 2021. However, the latest news reveals that Apple will relaunch the 7th generation iPad Mini in late 2023 or early 2024. […]