A Microsoft employee reveals a feature of Windows 11

A Microsoft employee unintentionally revealed a new feature in the Notepad application on the Windows 11 operating system, which is the ability to open more than one note within the application with the Tabs system in the manner of Internet browsers. And the ‘Windows Central’ website said that the company’s product manager announced the upcoming […]

“Hello! Mao Kid” queen Tao Jingying returned to hosting after five years

In the “Hello! Furry Kids” program, a pet shop will be established to provide friendly and professional services. Tao Jingying, the “queen host”, will be invited as executive director of the pet shop, and fur-loving artists and entertainment industry kids will be gathered as shop assistants. Focusing on pet care and meals, it offers a […]

Jokowi inaugurates Vice Admiral Muhammad Ali as KSAL today

Jakarta – The new KSAL will be appointed to replace Admiral Yudo Margono President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) today. Senior officers to be appointed KSAL extension namely Pangkogabwilhan I Vice Admiral (Laksdya) Muhammad Ali. The grand opening is scheduled for Wednesday (28/12/2022) at the State Palace, Central Jakarta. Source detik com confirmed that the name to […]

Seine-Saint-Denis: A stolen RATP bus found stuck in a tunnel

While the RATP is currently recruiting bus drivers, here is one who shouldn’t be shortlisted for the competition. An individual stole a bus of line 147 at around 2 am on Tuesday, December 27, while the vehicle was parked at the Eglise de Pantin terminus. Complaint filed by the RATP The driver immediately alerted the […]

In the United States, literary censorship leads the ideological warfare

By Claudia Cohen Posted yesterday at 19:51, Update yesterday at 19:51 The time when literature could boast of having little accountability to public, religious or well-meaning authorities seems long gone. Above: The main reading room of the New York Public Library. NICOLAS ECONOMOU/NurPhoto via AFP HISTORY – Over 2,500 books have been banned from schools […]

Emiliano Martinez best goalkeeper in the world

Jakarta – gait Emiliano Martinez Of World Cup 2022 make former players Aston Villa, Gabriel Agbonlahor chuckled in awe. Villa is said to have managed to calm down by having the best goalkeeper in the world. Argentina became world champions after winning on penalties over France. At the Lusail Iconic Stadium on 18 December 2022, […]