Healthcare organizations are working together against patient aggression

NOS/Jeroen van Eijndhoven ANNOUNCEMENTS•yesterday, 11.16pm Healthcare organizations will join forces to address patient harassment and intimidation. Last summer it turned out NOS search and the pharmacist organization KNMP that assaults in pharmacies often occur to an alarming degree. Primary care colleagues acknowledge the problem. The professional associations of midwives (KNOV), dentists (KNMT), physiotherapists (KNGF) and […]

Newspaper | the tapin

Newspaper | the tapin YOU MUST HAVE JAVASCRIPT ACTIVATED TO VIEW ELTAPIN. SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE. IES Astures students have created a solidarity chain to donate food to Cáritas de Lugones Christmas sports days last week at IES Astures

Consider NATO’s new strategic concept

With her country close to finalizing its strategy, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman stressed Maria Zakharovthat the new strategic concept of NATO, adopted at the Madrid summit until 2030, will be taken into account in the development of a new foreign policy concept for Russia. And the senior Russian official added in an interview with […]

[Francamente parlando Masuzoe]Has Zelenskyj’s electric visit to the United States held back Europe and the United States tired of Ukraine?

Russian Medvedev meets Xi Jinping, China will not allow “American hegemony” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky meets with President Biden at the White House December 21 (Photo: Reuters/Aflo) Go to the gallery page (Yoichi Masuzoe: scholar of international politics) Russia is making life difficult for Ukrainians by attacking power plants and other infrastructure as Ukraine’s counterattack […]

“I can’t tolerate a servant more than me”… There is no second-in-command in the “Musk Empire” [백수전의 ‘테슬람이 간다’] By Hankyung

©Reuters. “I can’t tolerate a servant more than me”… There is no second-in-command in the “Musk Empire” [백수전의 ‘테슬람이 간다’] Elon Musk Tesla (NASDAQ:) CEO leaves federal court in Manhattan after settling fraud charges with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) during a trial in New York City in April 2019. At left is the […]

Soo-Hong Park Suit ♥ Da-Ye Kim 18 months ago has already reported the wedding

Park Soo-hong, the “newly launched fun restaurant”, has finally become an officially sold out man. On December 23, KBS 2TV’s “Pyeonstorang” (hereinafter referred to as “Pyeonstorang”), the story behind Park Soo-hong’s marriage was revealed. Indeed, Park Soo-hong, who had a wedding on December 23, broadcast by the broadcast, told of his miraculous love with his […]

A shocking surprise.. Zizi Adel: The toilets of the “Star Academy” had a camera

11:32pm Friday 23 December 2022 Cairo-Masrawy: Retired artist, Zizi Adel, said that if time returned, he would not have experienced the Star Academy program, which he participated in one of its seasons years ago, and was the reason for his fame. And he added in the “Kalam al-Nas” program broadcast on MBC Egypt and presented […]

A perfume spray kills a pet raccoon after killing two people in America.. Why?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Not only have people lost their lives after being exposed to a perfume spray, but it was previously believed to have been linked to fatal cases of a rare tropical disease. But he also missed a family’s pet raccoon in Texas. The US Centers for Disease Control and Control […]

The fruit auction in Geldermalsen stops the clock after 118 years

Gelderland broadcast In collaboration with Gelderland broadcast ANNOUNCEMENTS•yesterday, 10:48 pm After almost 120 years, the fruit auction in Geldermalsen ends with the traditional watch sales. Customer demand has changed dramatically, according to the auction. Today the auction clock turned for the last time. Veiling Vereeniging Geldermalsen en Omstreken began on May 4, 1904 with 34 […]