Parallel 14 school has 7 recent graduates!

Created in 2014 by Yoane Pavadé, Saïdou Bernabé and Gérard Sooprayen, Parallel 14 is a high school of animation, special effects and video games. Skills highlighted At the end of the year, the 7 students of the 5th promotion of Parallel 14 received their diploma at a ceremony which took place at the Lumina tower […]

First Marriott-affiliated hotel opens on Awaji Island, next to roadside station »

Lobby lounge of “Fairfield by Marriott Hyogo Awajishima Fukura” On December 16, an accommodation facility of “Marriott International” (based in Maryland, USA), which operates luxury hotels around the world, was opened in Awajishima, Hyogo. The Fairfield by Marriott Michinoeki Project is a hotel brand located next to roadside stations nationwide based on the concept of […]

ֺƽч ִ – ֮

ֺƽч ִ(ῴйʽִ) һʲô硢ν硱⡣ֺ໥ӣµĶڡԺƽչθУԹƽĺǿңԺӮ׷Ӽᶨ ĶʮDZйʽִ OUTƽչ·ִվµʷϣйƽչӮʱǿͬЯֹ˹ͬrenͬ־úƽձao ȫͬ١Ű顾硣 tsun Tsun Tsun The йΨһһֺƽչ дEFFĹңκˡκ¡κɶ✔ҡйÖƽչ ľĺ־йʽִ Ǵͳķ棬ǹǿذԵٰ棬츣й ͵ѧԺ ѼоԱʾйʽִû漰ֳ ١۹ͰңһѴɾͣ ִĵһģʽ Ӣ48Ҽžֲϯ˼˵ʷϣһЩҵִڶѹȺֳĻϡйִͨͨչʵ֣ͬʱչDZ ƽч йИͻŭпǰάйтƽчı֤ͳһͨ˳ йһƽ ́ ĴĻʸе ںع׼ᳫءдйһ sentence ƽ רҲ³ŵп ̬ йΪйıҸΪлı˵ĵҲΪıΪıͬĵ ϰƽϯ11 ̩ڼ䣬Ϊ̩ȥرƷ˺šģͺ͡ϰƽ̸ιһľӢİ file ⺭ḻﱳǷչķǷչĹ δ֣֮Эчֺ⣬й˹ͬһһ·顢ȫч顢ȫȫ飬йǻۡййάƽتͬчͬЎ I am sorry. ϯ׵ŵʾйɹйɫ ˷ṦΰʼϵrƽԸйЯ֣ƶ˹ͬ塣 ©ʽִִ˼չ˷չйִ; ŵѧ˹ͼѧ́ѧڹͼ˵йʽִơ 漣й ́ แบ็็็็็็็ – Яѿõ ֻҪ´sumption өˮవũġ״ӡǮӡŷзɳ۶У Ӯ£й – ĶʮDZйںƽԭͬչѺúƶ͹ʹϵչƽȡšȫϵͬĻϵ㡣 – йʽִֺƽч·ִؽΪȫעŰ͹ойרа»ࡤ׼ʾйʼрᶨжĺƽ⽻ֿάʹϵ׼͹ʹƽ壬ڴй чΪ» […]

The number of companies listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange rose to 150, and the number of state-level specialized, special and new “small giant” companies accounted for nearly 40%_China Economic Net——National Economic Portal

Our reporter Meng Ke CommScope Chemicals and Jiuling Technology were listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange on December 21, resulting in the number of companies listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange rising to 150. Zhu Haibin, general manager of the Beijing Stock Exchange Research Center of Kaiyuan Securities, told “Securities Daily” reporter that since September, […]

61 days until Keiji Mutoh’s retirement! A special image tracing the story of Keiji Mutoh will be released every morning at 6:10 until the day of the tournament withdrawal! | Pro Wrestling Noah Official Site | OFFICIAL SITE OF PRO-WRESTLING NOAH

There are 61 days left until Keiji Mutoh retires. The countdown to retirement starts today! A special visual tracing the story of Keiji Mutoh will be posted on Noah’s official Twitter every morning at 6:10. We will deliver it full of precious photos, so please spread the word. Pro Wrestling Noah’s Official Twitter Keiji […]

Xavi admitted that Barcelona do not want to participate in the Europa League

Barcelona manager Xavi shared his expectations for future performances in the second biggest European tournament. “We are eagerly awaiting the Europa League. I don’t like not hearing the Champions League anthem, but it depends on where we play. Maybe we need to dive a little deeper to grow. We don’t like it, it makes us […]

Victory with Trump’s blessing: the “ass kiss” paid off for Vance

Victory with Trump’s blessing For Vance, the “kiss ass” paid off By Hubertus Volmer 09/11/2022 11:07 In Ohio, “Hillbilly Elegy” author and venture investor JD Vance wins election to the US Senate. It’s also a win for former President Trump, who has teased how much his former critic wanted his support during the campaign. The […]

Zelenskyj has landed in the USA –

The plane carrying Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky landed at Andrews Air Force Base from Washington around noon local time (5pm GMT). AP reported it. The Ukrainian president arrived to the United States on a United States Air Force Boeing C-40B (a military modification of the Boeing 737 NG) aircraft from Rzeszow, Poland. The Kremlin does […]