Max Verstappen sets new record for F1 super license renewal[]

Two-time F1 world champion Max Verstappen will pay a record fee to the FIA ​​(Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) to enter the 2023 race, just like Red Bull Racing. Red Bull Racing will pay the FIA ​​an entry fee of $6,242,636 for 2023 following a successful season with the Constructors’ title and 17 victories. The one-time […]

The C’Chartres ping-pong waterfall in Hennebont

Two points but not one more. The CCTT players could not do better than an “improved” defeat (3-2), this Tuesday, December 13, during their second consecutive away game at Hennebont Vow Guard (5a), on the 8th day of Pro TO. C’Chartres TT beaten in Saint-Denis In the decisive match the Brazilian of the CCTT Vitor […]

The eruptions of two volcanoes in Hawaii come to an end

AFP extension ANNOUNCEMENTS•yesterday, 21:24 The eruptions of the Hawaiian volcanoes Mauna Loa and Kilauea have ended. Geologists from the US Geological Survey’s Hawaiian Volcano Observatory have therefore set the alert level for both volcanoes lowered. Geologists continue to keep a close eye on the two volcanoes. On Saturday, the lava flowing from the flanks of […]

It is the hottest planet in the solar system

Jakarta – So far, Mercury is known as the planet closest to the sun. But does this close distance from the sun make Mercury the hottest planet? Quoted from detikEdu, the hottest planet in our solar system is Venus. The second closest planet to the Sun has an average surface temperature of about 450°C! But […]

“It’s the biggest betrayal in the history of Portugal and Ronaldo…”

This Tuesday, December 13, the journalist Edu Aguirre was present in the program “El Chiringuito” where he addressed various topics on the World Cup in Qatar, namely the elimination of Portugal. At one point in the conversation, the journalist considered that Fernando Santos was a “big traitor” with the Portuguese national team and with Cristiano […]

TV producer Han Peekel (75) dies on holiday in Bali | Average

Television producer Han Peekel has died at the age of 75. Daughter of him confirmed it after reporting from The Telegraph. Peekel died on the Indonesian island of Bali of the consequences of a heart attack. The Rotterdammer was on vacation in Bali, the island where his daughter lives. According to her, the death was […]

How to make WhatsApp video calls on a laptop

WhatsApp desktop calling is only available for the WhatsApp web app. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — WhatsApp offers encrypted voice and video calls from end to end to its users on Android, iOS and web versions. Users can connect to their contacts across cities or countries through calls Whatsapp which only requires a stable internet connection. Reported […]