Pertamax prices drop in December? This is the head of Pertamina

Jakarta – Commercial entities supplying fuel oil (BBM) are no exception PT Pertamina (Persero) often adjusts the price of non-subsidized fuel each month. This fits with world oil prices. PT Pertamina (Persero) Chief Executive Nicke Widyawati said that each corporate entity determines the price of unsubsidized fuel in accordance with existing regulations. He also invited […]

Instagram account disabled and meta not responding

The Instagram account (or TikTok, YouTube, Facebook & Co.) is not only an important communication platform today, but also an important source of information for many. Added to this is the commercial component for companies or influencers. Today, businesses also have to do social media marketing and influencers earn their income and wider reach through […]

Emergency response to early warning of winter weather disasters begins, Beijing’s power grid is running stably and has sufficient power – Xinhua

Source title: Winter Weather Disaster Early Warning Emergency Response Starts Operation of Beijing Power Grid with Stable and Sufficient Power State Grid Beijing Electric Power Company yesterday (29) launched an emergency response to the winter weather warning. At present, the overall operation of Beijing’s power grid is stable and the power supply is sufficient. In […]

The White Paper Revolution” regrets not supporting Hong Kong Chinese netizens apologized to Hong Kong People-International-Liberty Times newsletter at the time

On the 29th, Chinese students from the University of Hong Kong held a blank sheet of paper in support of the “blank sheet revolution” in China. (Reuters) 11/30/2022 05:43 First post 00:37update time 06:43 [International News Center/Comprehensive Report]The “White Paper Movement” opposing epidemic prevention and control and calling for freedom and democracy has broken out […]

Yonhap TV News

Your browser does not support the video tag.We’re sorry, but please use another browser. to close [3분증시] New York Stock Market Generally Down… China Corona Alert [앵커] This is the “3-minute stock market”, a time to look at the world stock market and our stock market. Yonhap Infomax reporter Jeong Yoon-gyo is with me. Hello. […]

Ulefone Power Armor 18T performance test: benchmarks and specifications

Ulefone’s brand new Power Armor 18T has captured the hearts of many since its debut in November. With superior performance and unmatched specifications, the device stands out from all other powerful smartphones. Naturally, the description of the Power Armor 18T on the web has aroused some curiosity about the results of its benchmarks. The Power […]

I’m afraid I won’t meet a good man… furious cuts making mad money, unscripted ironic smile “raised 2 boyfriends”: I’m from here | Entertainment | CTWANT extension

Actress Xiong Xiong (Zhuo Yutong) has a sweet appearance, hot body and outspoken personality, which has won her many fans. In addition to being active in variety shows and a host in recent years, she has also developed side jobs in all industries and his career has been outstanding. Recently, she appeared on an online […]