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Your browser does not support the video tag.We’re sorry, but please use another browser. to close NATO ‘Poland hit by Ukrainian missile that Russia was trying to block… Russia’s last responsibility’ The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has tentatively concluded that Polish missiles were hit by Ukrainian air defense missiles launched to block Russian missiles. […]

Twitter fires employee who publicly criticized Elon Musk

An image of new Twitter owner Elon Musk is surrounded by Twitter logos in this photo illustration in Warsaw, Poland on November 8, 2022. (Photo by STR/NurPhoto) At least three escaped The recent Twitter cleanupemployees who were later fired for slamming the new boss on the platform. One of them was Eric Frohnhoefer, who pointed […]

The modder removed Kratos’ beard from God of War Ragnarok

Modders love to experiment with different games, improve them or make them more fun. Modder Speclizer did a similar thing and showed what Kratos from God of War Ragnarok would look like without his bushy beard. It was possible to remove the beard on a hacked PS4. Spoiler: not very good. You can see that […]

Ramy Gamal and the discussion in a new duet

Sequel – Shadi AlloushSinger Ramy Gamal has announced that he has recorded a duet with singer Ahmed Salem. Ramy posted a photo that united him with Ahmed Salem and the working group, which consisted of poet Menna Al-Qai’i, distributor Ahmed Tariq Yahya and composer Ihab Abdel Wahed. Ramy Gamal commented on the photo, saying: Today […]

A moment of harmony through the local Bentoho Young Blood volunteer clinic for the World Cup

The “Young Guns” of the Korea national football team, who are participating in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, have spent a significant time in harmony with local volunteers through football. Lee Kang-in (Mallorca), Jung Woo-young (Fribourg), Baek Seung-ho, Song Min-gyu, Song Bum-keun (above Jeonbuk) and Yoon Jong-gyu (Seoul) attended the “Community Event” of the […]

An Alzheimer’s drug fails when tried and frustrates long-awaited hopes

An experimental drug from Roche has failed to demonstrate its ability to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease in two studies, leaving competitors Biogen and Esai at the forefront of the race to discover a cure for the memory-stealing disease. Roche said Monday that the two studies, conducted together, fell short of their desired objective […]

Dahnil Anzar: Muhammadiyah needs to make updates

Jakarta – Muhammadiyah will come out definitive in Solo from 18 to 20 November. Former president of Muhammadiyah Youth Center Dahnil Anzar Simanjuntak I hope the congress is not just talking about leadership structure. “Congratulations on making the Muktamar Muhammadiyah in Solo. We wish the Solo congress to be joyful, forward and enlightening. We hope […]

Ukraine, Pentagon: “Low probability of a military victory for Kiev”

“The probability of a Ukrainian military victorythat includes the expulsion of Russians from all of Ukraine, including Crimea, the likelihood of this happening early is not militarily high“. This was stated by the US Chief of Staff, General Mark Milley, in a conference at the Pentagon, adding that it would instead be possible political solutionthanks […]

Amnesty International Wiesbaden with Maria Nies

Many people are actually familiar with “Amnesty International”. In an interview with Hannes Marb of Radio Darmstadt, Maria Nies explains how they work and what successes they have had in recent years. A wonderful insight into volunteering for human rights. The interview can be heard on the “Hannes and Guests meet&speak” podcast from mid-December.