The tensions between France and Italy are reawakening European migratory difficulties

France and Italy want a long-term European solution to respond to migration difficulties. Paris and Rome have been at odds since last week over the ship’s fate Oceanic Viking. The boat finally docked in Toulon where the 230 migrants the survivors were able to dismount. The Italian authorities had refused to open the country’s ports. […]

Ukraine withdraws accreditation of Western journalists

“Recently, some media representatives ignored the rules and warnings and reported from Kherson without the permission of the commanders of military and PR ministries,” writes the Ukrainian General Staff on Facebook. It is not known which journalists had their accreditation withdrawn. Several media outlets write that at least six correspondents from the American CNN and […]

The pandemic is not over The tridemics becomes a new threat, what is it?

Tuesday 15 November 2022 – 06:24 AM WIB LIVE lifestyle – For the past few years, we’ve focused on building our immune systems to help fight COVID-19. Unfortunately, experts warn this corona virus he’s not the only one pathology what we have to pay attention to this year. The New York Times recently published an […]

5 applications to convert Word to PDF on PC, fast and practical – Application to convert Word to PDF very necessary. The team has summarized some of them application which you can use to convert files Word the PDF. Converting Word to PDF format can help you share files between different operating systems or computers without any problems. PDF is the most popular and secure […]

Cathy Hummels from Munich deletes the post and apologizes.

The critics sat down. Ironically, the German Depression League had complained about a post by Cathy Hummels. She now she reacted. Influencer Cathy Hummels has deleted a post about a yoga and wellness trip from her Instagram account after clear criticism. The moderator herself suffered from depression. She had advertised the event she organized, which […]

Documentary film about Marxloh: “Marxlohland” in cinemas for the first time

The documentary shows the life of the people in Marxloh. Local residents report their concerns, but also the positive sides of the so-called ‘problem district’. Among others, Bundestag President Bärbel Bas and Mayor Sören Link will attend the premiere. Tickets for the premiere were already sold out after three days. More than 300 people came […]