Thionville. Domestic violence: convicted a third time

Three years of living together, ups and downs and one drunken night out, one too many. This Monday, October 3, a Mondelangeois had to explain to the court his violent behavior towards his partner on June 30. Thionville’s Rive en fête summer event is in full swing. The lovers meet a couple with whom they […]

They extend the triple viral campaign: where to vaccinate in Mar del Plata

Given the low participation in vaccinations, the Federal Council of Health (Cofesa) decided to extend to November 30th the vaccination campaign against rubella, polio, measles and mumps all over the country. The numbers say it all: in Argentina 42% of the target population has been vaccinated and warn that there is a low perception of […]

Laura Bozzo has revealed her secret to looking younger on social media

Laura Bozzo has received several criticisms for her appearance (Photo: Instagram/@laurabozzo_of) Laura Bozzo She is the host of various television shows that have faced scandals both in Peru, her native country, and in Mexico, where she became popular. After becoming one of the most loved contestants of The home of the famous 2the Peruvian has […]

Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 smartphone starting from 2 million? Check out the full specs!

URBAN BEKASI – Xiaomi as a manufacturing company smartphonesreleased a product with type Xiaomi Redmi Note 11. As one of the sphone to two million Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 able to provide a new face in the world of Indonesian mobile phones. Xiaomi present products smartphones newer Redmi Note 11 with beautiful and aesthetic designs […]

China investigates deadly crash with Tesla ‘runaway’.

The incident occurred earlier this month in Guangdong province. According to China’s Jimu News, the 55-year-old driver tested the car when the Tesla took off by itself at high speed. The camera images show that the driver can only drive the car, but cannot control the electric car: The car eventually collided with several vehicles. […]

Citroën C5 X Dragon Knight, the French who goes wild in China

Sports within the Citroën range? Since the demise of the DS 3 (later integrated into the DS range), it no longer exists with the chevron branding. However, the French manufacturer has good experience with small sports cars, from the AX GTI to the Xsara VTS via the BX GTI or even its 4TC version. In […]

Confirm authorized video! Do you support Gao Hong’an as mayor of Hsinchu? Guo Taiming’s PO article replied | Politics | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Political Center / Reported by Lin Qihua ▲ Gao Hongan’s “fit” Guo Taiming video was listed as a composite. Hsinchu mayoral candidate Gao Hong’an of the People’s Party recently “assigned” Terry Gou, founder of the Hon Hai Group, to shoot a campaign video, but the video was found to be synthesized, causing controversy. Today (13) […]