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These 10 tips to avoid the flu this winter

Like every winter, the flu arrives which causes fever, chills, body aches, headaches and tiredness. However, you can avoid it with some simple tips, here they are. While the flu virus returns every winter, the epidemic peaks are often between December and February. You can therefore take precautions to try to contain it as much […]

“Bold and Weird” .. 50 Seeking Art Stars from Cairo Film Festival

Written by_Shaima Morsi Photography: Islam Farouk-Mahmoud Abdel Nasser The art stars are always eager to appear in attractive, different, strange and daring looks even during their red carpet presence at the Cairo Film Festival in its 44th session. The look varied between simple, attractive, bold and exotic, as did the colors. And the artist, Arwa […]

Cathy Wood… Fed Pushes Markets into Worst Recession in 100 Years From

© Reuters – Cathy Wood, CEO of ARK Invest, Nicknamed the Money Tree by Wall Street, Says Fed Could Trigger Deep Recession, Ignoring Deflationary Trend Cathy Wood, CEO of ARK Invest, says the Fed could cause an economic downturn commensurate with the Great Recession of 1929 because it ignores deflationary trends. The worst since […]

Smartwatch with long battery life, AMAZFIT GTS4 > Review

As people use smartphones, most of the second smart devices they buy will be “watches”. Similarly, Samsung’s Galaxy and Apple’s iPhone are maximizing their usage by quickly and easily connecting to their smartphones and adding various features, especially those related to health care. There are only a few companies that only produce smartwatches other than […]

TJPA 2022 Anniversary will be held in Saudi Arabia on Friday

Jeddah: The 33rd annual and general body meeting of Karuwarakund ‘Tarish Jeddah Expatriate Association’ will be held at Hamdaniya Al Badr Compound on Friday with various programmes, officials said. As part of the program, a general meeting, tug of war, panchagusti, shooting, potato picking, lemon spooning and various sports competitions for children and adults and […]