Apple, Intel rose like thunder, Dow Jones rose more than 820 points, rose 5.7% for the week | Anue Juheng- US Equities

Earnings reports from Intel and Apple have strengthened market sentiment. The data showed signs of slowing inflation. Leading US equity index opened higher on Friday (28th) and tech stocks “rose” like thunder, despite Amazon’s poor financial forecast, dragged consumer discretionary stocks lower, four major indices closed,Dow JonesThe hurricane rose more than 820 points and the […]

3 benefits of not responding to your child’s inquiries immediately

Babies don’t stop making requests and want to fulfill their wishes and respond to their requests immediately, but you need to find a balance between taking care of your child and meeting his needs and getting him used to not responding to his requests immediately. The immediate response to the child’s requests ruins his personality, […]

Six lightly injured people evacuated in spectacular accident in Narón (A Coruña)

FERROL, Sept. 24 (EUROPA PRESS) – Six people had to be evacuated minor injuries this Saturday afternoon after a spectacular collision with three cars involved on AP-9, at the height of Narón (A Coruña). As reported in Europa Press sources of the operation, took place around 16:00 in kilometer point 34 of the aforementioned motorway, […]

Mexico says the US approves the plan to restore the Tier 1 aviation classification

Mexico plans to finalize its action plan to regain US aviation security clearance in December, the statement said. The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) downgraded Mexico’s aviation safety rating in May 2021, saying the country has not regulated its air carriers “in accordance with international minimum safety standards.” The reintroduction of the Tier 1 classification […]

During the winter season, Ryanair will fly from Riga to 27 destinations per day

Most of them, or seven destinations, will be in Great Britain: Bristol, Edinburgh, East Midlands, Leeds / Bradford, London Stansted Airport, Manchester and Newcastle. Italy is in second place with three destinations: Bergamo Airport near Milan, Rome Ciampino Airport and Treviso Airport near Venice. Poland (Krakow and Warsaw Modlin Airport), Spain (Barcelona and Malaga), Germany […]