A new step in the history of left-wing communist movements

Sathyan Mokeri Analyses October 20, 2022 4:49 am The 24th Party Congress held in Vijayawada made decisive decisions to prepare the Communist Party and Left Democratic Movements to play a leadership role in guiding Indian politics towards a positive transformation. The 24th Party Congress of the PCI is a new step in the history of […]

30,000 asteroids detected near the Earth

Astronomers have discovered more than 30,000 near-Earth asteroids (NEAs) in the solar system, which are rocky bodies that revolve around the sun along a path that brings it closer to Earth’s orbit.According to the European Space Agency, science knows a total of 3,039 asteroids near Earth and the number is rapidly increasing. The agency says […]

Live video of the match between Enppi and Pyramids in the Egyptian League

“Kora Plus” provides you with live coverage of the match between Enppi and Ismaily in the first round of the Egyptian Premier League. Pyramids will start their Egyptian Premier League campaign against Enppi at Petrosport in the opening round of the Egyptian Premier League. Enppi training includes: Goalkeeper: Abdelaziz Al-Balouti Defense lines: Ali Fawzy – […]

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̿ ຋ ׹̷ ĺ CP-COV03 ڷ γ19 ӻ2󿡼 ü ๰ ľϱ ӻ ڸ ä or 13Ϸ ǥ or 60 ä ٰ 18 ǥ ִ. ̵ 60 ٷ ޵ CP-COV03 ü м ̷. ̹ ä Ŭλ 混 ̵ with ּ CP-COV03 ü Ȯϱ, ̿ ü ġ Ҵ Ŭλ 海 ̵ ü̿ ڻ ÷ ๰ ü (DDS) […]

Val-de-Marne: TechSanté, the new network that will boost the healthcare sector

The announcement concerns hospitals, laboratories, universities, research centers, companies or nurseries. All these health workers established in the Val-de-Marne – and more generally in the south of Île-de-France – will soon join the new network created by Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) 94. His name: TechSanté. It was only unveiled this fall and will […]

Arcure strengthens its teams in the United States

Arches strengthens its teams in the United States to accelerate its commercial breakthrough across North America. In accordance with the development plan presented during the June 2022 fundraiser, Arcure has structured and strengthened its sales teams in the United States. Launched in April 2019, the US subsidiary Blaxtair Inc. concentrated its operations in the Midwest […]