Study: A star is slowly swallowing its mate | binary | celestial body | Sun

[NTDTV, ora di Pechino, 15 ottobre 2022]In our galaxy, with the sunsSundifferent, about half ofstarkeeps long-term, similar “celestial bodyMarriage “is companionship, together in a form called”double starsystem “surrounding themselves. This week, the researchers described a couple of near extremesdouble starAmong the “partners”, the “failure”celestial bodymarriage. “This couplestarRotate around each other every 51 minutes. Its orbital […]

2022 JERA Climax Series Sale of Victory Commemorative Goods | Tokyo Yakult swallows

<!––> Tokyo Yakult Swallows have decided to break through the JERA Climax Series SE 2022 for the second consecutive year! ! ! To commemorate this victory, we will be selling “JERA Climax 2022 Series Victory Commemorative Goods”. It will be sold for a limited time in the Official Net Shop, so don’t miss it. (Please […]

A bolder game … 2022 Dongbu Construction / Korea Land Trust Championship

At the Dongbu Construction Korea Land Trust Championship, which celebrated its 2nd anniversary this year, gamers’ game got bolder and attention grabbing. The Korea Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour 2022 Dongbu Construction / Korea Land Trust Championship will be held at Iksan CC (par 72) in Iksan, Jeollabuk-do for four days from the 13th with […]

Jokowi’s 5 important directions for hundreds of police officers at the building

Jakarta – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) had gathered hundreds of police chiefs and police chiefs across Indonesia at the State Palace. On that occasion Jokowi gave directions to the ranks Police the. This directive was delivered directly by Jokowi behind closed doors at the State Palace on Friday (14/10/2022). Jokowi gave directions to a total […]

Grimm’s fairy tales in dialect

Mundartfreunde Südhessen present their three new fairy tale CDs with accompanying book in Reinheim. Charity CDs with accompanying book are available from Mundartfreunde Südhessen. (Photo: dialect friends) REINHEIM – Mundartfreunde Südhessen is organizing a charity evening in dialect for Saturday 5 November under the motto “Lache is g’sund” and presents three new CDs with an […]

Ukraine attacks the Russian power plant in Belgorod

Loading… Explosions are observed in a Russian power plant hit by Ukrainian artillery fire. Photo / Telegram / vvgladkov FLY – A Ukrainian artillery shell hit a power plant in the Russian city of Belgorod, not far from the Ukrainian border. The shooting resulted in a large fire at the site. Photos and videos posted […]

Annual Covid vaccination: check the calendar for the week of October 17th

Although the country is already in the opening phase, vaccinations against Covid-19 continue in our country to contain serious cases, and so on. today it was announced who continues in the schedule of bivalent vaccines, inoculations that contain both the original Wuhan dose and the Omicron variant and which are for the population at risk […]

Really?! The referees of the KSW tournament robbed two Czechs of the victory. He did not understand the monetary loss, Martínek congratulated his opponent in disgust

Source: Oktagon MMA OKTAGON MMA returns to Frankfurt! The tournament with serial number 36 is hopelessly sold out and really around the corner. On that occasion, we asked presenter Oliver Sálus what to expect watching Saturday’s tournament and what his advice is for the winners of the biggest draws. How did he respond? “From my […]