The former head of the Lebanese negotiating delegation: Our position is “oil for oil”. There is no room for normalization with Israel (video) | news

Duration of the video 08 minutes 37 seconds 08:37 10/10/2022–|Last updated: 10/10/202201:32 (Mecca) The former head of the Lebanese negotiating delegation, Major General Abdel Rahman Al-Sheheitli, said the postponement of reaching a final formula for delimiting the maritime borders between Lebanon and Israel is the result of the Israeli introduction of three additional items. In […]

North Korea Launches 2 Ballistic Missiles US Armed Forces: Close Consultation with Allies and Partners | International | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

North Korea launched two ballistic missiles earlier in the day, Japanese authorities said, in Pyongyang’s seventh missile test in nearly two weeks. ▲ North Korea has frequently launched missiles in recent days. (Diagram / taken from pixabay) Japanese Defense Minister Yasuichi Hamada said the two missiles had an altitude of 100 kilometers and a range […]

PMDG brings the news update to 777, Xbox, and more

After the summer break, Rob from the PMDG provided a detailed update of what happened at the PMDG headquarters in the past few weeks. This includes new information on the upcoming 737-900, the Universal Tablet, the 777, and more. Starting with the 737, Rob said a new update is coming soon. The update will fix […]

[Amazon]Announcement of “Halo Rise” Sleep Device Capable of Recording and Analyzing Sleep | TABI LABO

We are developing all kinds of services such as VOD, music, smart home, etc. on EC sites“Amazonia”. this year, finallysleeping deviceit seems to sell. The company announced it「Halo Rise」。without contactAnd,sleep statecheck and sleepsupportAnd so on. ©, Inc. The deviceto breatheormovementGrab the sleep state fromsleep logIt is said that it will be attached. Analyze sleep […]

Look … the screams and moans of the artist, Yusra, exploded and the most violent scene of the leaked Adel Imam film, which made Yusra the director bleed, cry and anger (watch the video)

Basil Al-Najjar – Cairo – Monday 10 October 2022 00:17 – Actress Yousra, in her performance and spontaneity, ascended the throne of the most righteous Egyptian actors and artists.All her films were with the heroes of art Egyptian and cinema, like the artist Adel Imam, and perhaps she is more. And Adel Imam took care […]

How to take care of your eyes in old age

entrance 2022.10.10 08:00 correction 2022.10.08 20:18 Hit 9 entrance 2022.10.10 08:00correction 2022.10.08 20:18 Hit 9 Even small changes in lifestyle and eating habits can help prevent your vision from deteriorating. [사진=클립아트코리아] It gets worse with age How to maintain sightthere is not? If you work hard from now on, you can protect it. According to […]

Lena made a fatal decision. Who does her heart belong to?

Lena Borislavava made a fatal decision. Kiril Petkov’s right hand removed the engagement ring. This can be seen from the new photo that Lena uploaded to social media. The ring was a love gift from Borislavava’s fiancé, Miroslav Ivanov, former actor president of the National Assembly. Did they break up forever? – users guessed on […]