Ecuador Finds Tons Of Cocaine In Banana Boxes For Rotterdam Port | NOW

In Ecuador, about 3,500 kilos of cocaine were found in two containers with bananas destined for Europe. One of the containers was to be shipped to Rotterdam. The other to Great Britain. Police in the South American country reported this on Twitter on Saturday. Someone was arrested. A container truck was intercepted on the way […]

more than 20 Chinese military aircraft enter the archipelago’s air defense zone

Find here all our #TAIWAN live 00:06 : Time to close this live for the night, not without taking a last look at the headlines of the main news: Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan continues to be talked about. Beijing views this diplomatic act as a serious provocation, while Taipei commends Washington’s support. A new […]

Just one study finds it pointless to get vitamin D to preserve bone wellbeing

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Several now know this vitamin D participate in an essential part for Bone well being. Nevertheless, who would have imagined if a high dose of vitamin D was not seriously required to defend bones. This was discovered in a review posted very last Wednesday (27/7) in The New England Journal of […]

Prize-giving for “The Worst Person in the World” – VG

The prestigious Amanda awards ceremony took place on Saturday evening in Haugesund. “The worst person in the world” was this year’s big winner, with a total of nine nominations and five awards. Published: Updated less than 20 minutes ago – Saturday was once again ready for the annual Amanda Prize, which this year is organized […]

KK Park chief “has a non-public military”! He opened a enterprise in Taipei 101 | Global | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

International Center / Comprehensive Report ▲ She Zhijiang builds new Asia-Pacific city in Myanmar for unlawful gambling. (Photograph / Chinese Overseas Chinese Organization Affiliation) Myanmar’s “KK Park” is described much more as a purgatory than Cambodia’s Sihanoukville Park. Not only is there human trafficking, but sexual assaults are also extra brutal. The organs are taken […]