What Skills To Include In Your Team Leader Resume?

A question like “What makes a good team leader?” frequently has several answers. Being a competent team leader entails having excellent communication skills, being an effective listener and mediator, delegating and trusting others, and displaying confidence, wisdom, and inspiration. Employees often characterize their preferred team leaders as having consistency, organization, empathy, and vision. Of course, […]

The light of Taiwan!Lotte Girls invited to kick off in Korea

— ▲The light of Taiwan! Lotte Girls was invited to kick off in Korea. (Photo / provided by Rakuten) Win glory for Taiwan’s cheerleading goddess group! Rakuten Girls’ exclusive cheerleader team, Rakuten Girls, is the captain and vice-captain Daiying, members Linda and Ni Xuan were invited by the new sponsor brg card identification company this […]

Swimming. European Championships: Charlotte Bonnet, silver medalist, “wanted

Silver medalist in the 100m freestyle at the European Championships on Friday in Rome, Charlotte Bonnet measured the progress made since the Tokyo Olympics last summer, when she wondered about the follow-up to be given to his career. “A year ago, I wanted to quit”she recalled. After several difficult years in terms of results, you […]

The worst of all crises – VG

– Photo: DRAWING: ROAR HAGEN Lack of energy causes economic crisis, hunger crisis and climate crisis. Published: Less than 20 minutes ago – This is a comment. The comment expresses the writer’s position– Germany has cut out the hot water in the shower in public bathrooms. The lights are turned off in streets and commercial […]

5 Symptoms of PCOS in Teens, Beware of Irregular Menstruation

KOMPAS.com – Poly-cystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS is hormonal imbalance disorders that cause small cysts to appear on the ovaries or ovaries. The disease, known as polycystic ovary syndrome, can affect women of childbearing age, including teenagers. According to Children’s Healthalmost one in ten adolescent girls experience PCOS. Read also: Get to know what PCOS […]

Partizan wants to reach an ambitious goal and sells ten thousand season tickets

Belgrade Partizan fans | Photo: Belgrade “Partizan” The ULEB Euroleague team Belgrade “Partizan” has started selling season tickets and has set a very ambitious goal, the general manager of the club, Ostoja Mijailović, revealed. The price of season tickets varies from 13 thousand to 98 thousand Serbian dinars or 110-830 euros. On the other hand, […]