The best player in the world: Salah Chelsea “tricked me”

Michael Owen, the former English striker and winner of the 2001 Ballon d’Or, expressed his admiration for Mohamed Salah’s performance with Liverpool since his move in 2017, noting that he did not expect the Egyptian player to appear at this level compared to Salah’s level during his time with Chelsea. Salah had moved to the […]

Without Diet – A simple trick to lose 6 kg in 3 months

01:41 PM Wednesday 10 August 2022 – I wrote – Yasmine El-Sawy: A new study revealed a simple trick that may help lose 6 kilograms in just 3 months, by eating all meals from 7 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon, and then stopping eating completely. The University of Alabama researchers noted that […]

The golden age of the Middle Ages: the time of the cathedrals

The 13th century is the century of cathedrals, whose vaults rise ever higher towards the sky: 33 meters for Notre Dame of Paris, 37 meters for Notre-Dame de Chartres and 38 meters for Reims Cathedral. Always higher, such was the motto of the Gothic architects until the nave of Beauvais, thrown more than 48 meters, […]

– Kim has had a fever

Regime leader Kim Jong-un in North Korea is said to have been affected by a high fever. This is what Kim’s sister says to state media, according to the Reuters news agency. This happens on the same evening that Kim is supposed to have declared victory over covid-19. It is said to have happened in […]

WHO confirms monkeypox has nothing to do with primates

Geneva: World Health Organization (WHO) stressed that the epidemic monkey pox nothing to do with monkeys. This is related to a number of reports of massacres of these primates in Brazil. “What people need to know is that the transmission that we’re seeing occurs only between humans,” WHO spokeswoman Margaret Harris said in Geneva. The […]

American distributors have bought the rights to show the Latvian film ‘Neona pavasaris’

The American film distribution company “Magnolia Pictures International” has acquired the rights to show Latvian director Matīs Kaža’s latest film “Neona pavasaris” around the world, “Variety” reports. – – Content will continue after the ad Advertising – It has already been reported that the world premiere of the film is planned at the Edinburgh International […]