Convicted of raping a girlfriend at a party

Two men in their early 20s have been sentenced to five and six years in prison, respectively, for raping a younger friend at a party. Øystein Storrvik, who defends the one of the convicts who received the most severe punishment, says that the verdict is being appealed. – It is certain that it will be […]

Bob Dylan is coming to the Yayla Arena in Krefeld on October 9th

Jul 17, 2022 @ 4:58pm World star comes to Krefeld on October 9th : Bob Dylan Concert at Yayla Arena is a mobile free show – Folk legend Bob Dylan during a concert performance in Los Angeles, USA. Photo: dpa/Chris Pizzello – – Krefeld Employees of a specially commissioned company collect the visitors’ mobile phones […]

Indonesia rains water, India even rains fish

Jakarta – Rain water or ice is normal, but fish rain? Of course this is a rare event. Reports of raining fish came from Jagtial City, Telangana, India. The local Meteorological Department reported residents experienced a very rare ‘animal rain phenomenon’ when large numbers of fish fell from the sky. A video shared to Twitter […]

Tachipirina, what happens to your body if you take it on an empty stomach

Some medicines, but not Tachipirina, precede the obligation to take sometimes on a full stomach and sometimes not. tachipirina, what happens if you take it on an empty stomach This is because some medicines are prescribed on an empty stomach to ensure more effective absorption. Tachipirina Changes in the gut with food can limit and […]


Juventus these days are training intensely under the orders of Massimiliano Allegri. The Juventus coach has several concepts and ideas in mind and first of all there is certainly the improvement of the offensive phase. This year we will certainly see a different team in which we will look more for the insertions of the […]

From Friend to Enemy, Richard Lee Makes Hotman Paris Angry!

Jakarta – Hotman Paris re -enraged by someone. This time it was Richard Lee who made him angry. It all started with an upload of Richard Lee’s skincare promo. In the promo video, there is a sexy celebrity named Kienzy Mylen who is trying the doctor’s product. But in the promo, Kienzy even discussed Hotman […]

Bulk message era ends on Whatsapp

According to the latest report by WABetaInfo, In order to prevent mass messaging on WhatsApp, WhatsApp management announced that it is trying a new method. At the moment “Situations” In the section, only photos, videos or texts are allowed to be shared. With the latest update, it will be possible to broadcast voice messages as […]

Harley Davidson Made In South Korea, Uses V Twin Engine Price Equivalent to Matic

KOTAMOBAGU PORTAL, People’s Mind – Motor Harley Davidson turns out to have a version that sells very well inexpensive. So those who want to have a motorbike Harley Davidson but constrained by the high price, no need to worry, how come there is a Harley motorcycle that sells for motor matic. The Harley motorcycle is […]

it gets complicated for Yann Sommer…

After welcoming the Romanian Rareș Ilie, OGC Nice intends to continue its momentum during this summer transfer window. A goalkeeper is particularly expected and for several weeks, the Aiglons have been following Yann Sommer, the goalkeeper of Borussia Mönchengladbach where he is under contract until June 2023. Recently, The Team even announced that an agreement […]