The publicist Fabián Blanco will receive the Alce de Honor Award

Elche City Council will also be recognized as “Advertiser of the Year” The awards will be distributed on July 15 at an event to be held at the Hotel Huerto del Cura The XX edition of the Alce Awards will carry out this year a special recognition to Fabian White. He is a prestigious figure […]

The widower of Susana Dosamantes collected the ashes of the actress

On July 2, the death of Susana Dosamantes at 74 years old. Let us remember that the mother of Pauline Rubio suffered from pancreatic cancer. Before her death, the actress was in Miami, Florida, where she was undergoing treatment with some of the best doctors in the region to fight the disease. Almost a week […]

Corral de Mulas toasted with tamarind in the Beach Soccer League

With Fátima González, “his watchword of the goal” watching from the stands due to injury, the rivals choke Corral de Mulas and if he wins and remains unbeatable in group B of the Beach Soccer League Copa CEL 2022 it is more for trade and pride than for overwhelming football and punch. This Saturday, like […]

the first deputy mayor of Bobigny threatened with death

José Moury was threatened with death on the Farm market. The facts occurred on Saturday May 28 while the elected official was on the campaign trail. The town hall lodges a complaint. The first deputy mayor of Bobigny José Moury (PCF) was threatened with death on the Farm market on Saturday May 28 as part […]

What is the most useful and the most harmful alcohol

Scientists ranked 20 drinks according to the benefit and harm to the body Apple wine is among the most healthy alcoholic beverages, and overdoing it with gin and tonic and low-quality beer can seriously damage health. This was shown by a study by a team from London’s King’s College led by nutrition expert Tim Spector, […]

Letizia of Spain, health problems for the Queen: how is she?

The queen of Spain, the splendid Letizia, tested positive at Covid. For this reason she has canceled all public events that she should have attended. The news was given by the famous Spanish media agency Efe and El País. But how are you now? Letizia of Spain contracted Covid 19, here’s how the queen is […]