Having This Blood Type, Beware of Your Health

Monday, July 4, 2022 – 06:10 WIB – VIVA Lifestyle – Blood type can reveal more about your health than you think! According to Penn Medicine and the National Library of Medicine, certain blood types are more associated with certain diseases, but don’t panic just yet. Choices like diet, fitness, and good habits also play […]

the solstice that lights up the streets of New York

In an instant, thousands of people filled the streets of Times Square, this Wednesday, May 30, to admire one of the most beautiful sights visible in New York: the “Manhattanhenge”. This natural phenomenon occurs when the sun sets in line with the streets of the city. On the skyline, a ray of light crosses the […]

The man pushed the stroller away when he fled

Chronicle A 26-year-old pushed his two-week-old daughter’s pram away from the police in Linz on Sunday. The man was wanted for several violent crimes with an EU-wide arrest warrant. 03.07.2022 15.14 Online since yesterday, 3:14 p.m – – – The man was approached by a police officer. He then pushed the buggy aside and ran […]

Ashley Carolina was praised with a couple of photos

Mexico.- The famous influencer Ashley Carolina became a trend on social networks after sharing a couple of photos where she looks highly attractive modeling some very short pieces but at the same time they gave her a great view of the sea that, although to be honest, was what they paid least attention to the […]