USA: the risk of a recession is worrying but the economy is solid

“That’s obviously a concern, but the backbone of our economy remains strong,” says Cecilia Rouse, an economic adviser to President Biden. The White House is concerned about the risk of a recession in the United States, but it believes that the fundamentals of the economy remain solid to deal with it, according to an economic […]

Meta/Facebook forced to change the algorithm due to discriminatory practices | The US Justice ordered to modify algorithms to choose the recipients of housing advertisements, based on a bias by race, color, religion, sex, disability, family situation and origin.

The Meta platform, parent of Facebook, has promised to correct its discriminatory advertising practices in housing, which violate US fair housing legislation to avoid criminal prosecution, judicial sources announced Tuesday. According to the lawsuit from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, Meta uses algorithms on Facebook to choose the recipients of housing ads, […]

Is it true that 5 parallel planets June 24, 2022 have an impact on Earth?

AYOSEMARANG.COM — Come on, let’s look at the explanation of whether there is an impact from phenomenon 5 planets parallel what will happen to June 24, 2022 later. Ada phenomenon 5 planets parallel on June 24, 2022 later according to various experts. This event can only be seen through a telescope and the eye. Of […]

“All done for the renewal”

On the market front, news are expected for Skriniar: PSG is ready to relaunch LUKAKU, WE ARE IN THE DETAILS: MEDICAL EXAMINATIONS NEXT WEEKTotal agreement between Inter and Chelsea for the Big Rom turnaround: the Belgian will return to Milan with the dry loan formula of 8 million plus 4 of bonuses linked to winning […]

This is the reason the first iPhone didn’t carry the Copy Paste feature, Jakarta – Apple has brought a number of innovative and latest features in various lines of iPhone models that are launched every year. Entering the 15th year since the iPhone was first introduced on June 29, 2007, many users do not know that Apple’s first phone did not have a copy and paste feature. […]

– It goes over the line – VG

IN THE CENTER: The flight technicians have received a lot of attention after they went on strike this weekend. Foto: Susan Montoya Bryan / AP After the leader of the Norwegian Aircraft Technician Organization (NFO) received threats and hate messages, there was silence from the rest of the aircraft technicians. Published: Less than 20 minutes […]