VIRTUS SEGAFREDO BOLOGNA Cordinier vote 6 – You spend in defense, but in attack you see very little.Mannion vote 6 – Seven minutes of great determination and 4 rebounds, even if every now and then he goes a little out of speed.Belinelli vote 6.5 – Burst of 8 points in a row in the second […]

Britney Spears remarries, ex-husband breaks in: arrested PHOTO and VIDEO | First page

Britney Spears responds with her personal trainer, Sam Asghariwho is 12 years younger than her. The ex-husband of the 40-year-old pop star, Jason Alexander broke into the party and was arrested by the LAPD. IN GALLERY LE PHOTO FROM BRITNEY SPEARS Among the approximately 60 guests there would be no parents and the bride’s sister, […]

Get to know SuperVOOC Fast Charging on OPPO Reno7 Z 5G and OPPO A96

loading… OPPO’s fast charging technology is called VOOC Charging, this technology was introduced for the first time in 2014. JAKARTA – Currently, a smartphone with a large battery is needed to support communication and productivity to keep it running smoothly. But a large battery alone is not enough, it also needs to be supported by […]

Extraordinary: diving under a pyramid

I swam through a dark channel into the chambers of the tomb. Sediment clouds obstructed all visibility, and despite the small space, it was incredibly easy to get lost and find yourself going around in circles. A hand gripped mine, and we walked out into the second bedroom, where the collapsed ceiling had created a […]

Basketball, BBL playoffs, final: Berlin defeats Munich

Status: 06/10/2022 10:47 p.m Alba Berlin took advantage of the tiredness of opponent Bayern Munich in the first playoff final of the basketball Bundesliga. The Berliners, who have been resting for a week, defeated their rivals, who were exhausted by five semi-final games against Bonn, on Friday (10.06.22) 86:73 (40:43). “That was a kick in […]

Justin Bieber shows his affected face after suffering facial paralysis

show The right side of the face of the popular singer Justin Bieber is paralyzed due to a virus. The artist revealed his condition to his followers on Instagram this Friday with a video where he also explains why he had to cancel several of his concerts this last week. read: “We both walk ring”: […]

Graz Giants | Giants Export Interview with Daniel Fankhauser

Fanki, how long have you been playing football, what were your stations?DF: “I’ve been playing football for 9 years, so since I was 20 years old.I first played three seasons with the Styrian Bears in Division 2, then from 2015 six seasons with the Graz Giants in the AFL and now, at the beginning of […]

Swore. Suspicions of embezzlement of public funds weigh on the Dole hospital

Illness at Dole hospital. For several months, a preliminary investigation concerning suspicions of embezzlement of public funds, carried out by the financial brigade of Dijon, agitates the hospital center. Several practitioners from the Emergency Department, the director of the establishment, Gilles Chaffange, as well as his predecessor, Emmanuel Luigi, have already been interviewed. Sylvain Gibey, […]