NASA’s powerful new space telescope is hit by a larger-than-expected microscopic meteor

NASA’s powerful new space observatory, the James Webb Space Telescope, was pelted by a larger-than-expected microscopic meteor in late May, causing some detectable damage to one of the spacecraft’s 18 main mirror segments. The effect meant the mission team had to correct distortion from the shot, but NASA said the telescope “continues to operate at […]

The Russians want Moskvich back, according to the survey

Only domestic production Moscow City Hall has been talking about the resumption of production of Moskvich cars since the French carmaker Renault decided to leave the factory there. It was in response to the Russian attack on Ukraine. Renault has sold its stake to AvtoVAZ, but is entitled to a preferential repurchase if the sanctions […]

Twitter plans vote on sale to Elon Musk

Written in GLOBAL the 8/6/2022 · 16:47 hs – San Francisco. – In early August, Twitter plans to hold a shareholder vote on the sale of the company for $44 million to Elon Musk, while continuing to work “on a regular basis.” [a1] constructive” to complete the deal with the world’s richest person, the top […]

The autonomous Mayflower finally reaches the shores of Canada

Not much, the world has changed a lot since that indomitable day in 1602 when, coming from Plymouth in the United Kingdom, the iconic ship Mayflower arrived at the east coast of the USA and Canada with a hundred pilgrims willing to settle a new civilization on the other side of the Atlantic and, with […]

SV mayor Jan Olsen – Furious resignation application:

Jan Olsen was elected mayor of Nordkapp municipality in 2019. The period does not expire until the autumn of 2023, but already now he has applied to resign as mayor and be relieved of his elected office. – Over time, I have had a harmful work situation, the mayor writes in a public post on […]

Kita strikes in RLP – over 1,500 participants – SWR Aktuell

More money and better working conditions – that’s why educators took to the streets on Wednesday. The trade union ver.di spoke of a successful day. Around 1,500 educators responded to the ver.di trade union’s call for a strike on Wednesday. Rallies took place all over Rhineland-Palatinate, and numerous daycare centers remained closed. Video herunterladen (5,7 […]

Somalia on the brink of famine: ‘Four of my 12 children have died’

“I had to leave some of my children behind.” In a crowded shelter, Amina Abdi Hassan tells how she fled famine because of the drought. From the south of Somalia she walked with some of her children to the capital Mogadishu. But even there she is still hungry; there is too little help. It is […]