Juve, irritation for Di Maria and jump on Berardi

TORINO – Juventus turning on the wing: the shares of Angel Di Maria and those of Berardi soar dramatically. All within twenty-four hours, but after days in which doubts about the Argentine winger grew within the Juventus club. Doubts certainly not related to talent, but to motivations. After many meetings and efforts to meet the […]

Katja Schuurman about new love: ‘I have pink glasses on’ | show

Katja Schuurman has jitters in her stomach again. The actress recently met “a young man” with whom she spent a few days. ‘It is striking how different the world looks when your mood is cheerful’, she concludes in the podcast that Katja makes with singer Frederique Spigt. – Schuurman (47) has never made it a […]

Teleporting quantum information | BNR News Radio

The Delft scientists at QuTech recently succeeded in teleporting quantum information over a network between three computers: a world first. What will the future of quantum technology bring us, and why do we actually need a quantum network? The guest is Hans Beukers, researcher at QuTech. He contributed to the breakthrough and tells us all […]

Increasing Indigenous Participation in Canadian Democratic Institutions

If the results of Simon Dabin’s research seem surprising, it is because he was the first to look into the subject: “There are a few studies, but they relate to the fact that they [les Autochtones] do not take part in elections rather than on those who do take part”, explains Simon Dabin, postdoctoral fellow […]

In New York, The School: The success story of Laurence and Philippe Roux

Success story, a set of two words that rhymes with United States. In partnership with USAFrance Financials, a private management firm specializing in the heritage issues of the French community in the United States, we invite you to read the extraordinary journey of women and men living in New York. Today, we have an appointment […]

details of US financial punishment for Russia revealed – UNIAN

In the States, they want to deprive Russia of the financial resources necessary for a brutal war against the Ukrainian state. It became known that the United States was banned due to the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine / photo REUTERS United States Department of the Treasury banned the Americans buy Russian securities. […]

NHL: Kai Wissmann moves to the Boston Bruins | Ice Hockey News

With his strong performances at the Ice Hockey World Championships in Finland, national player Kai Wissmann has earned a contract with the NHL club Boston Bruins. The defender from the German champions Eisbären Berlin will receive a one-year entry-level contract from the six-time Stanley Cup winner. The Bruins announced on Tuesday. Wissmann says goodbye with […]