NASA launches online game to promote the Nancy Grace Roman space telescope

NASA has developed an online game to promote its next universe exploration tool, the space telescope Nancy Grace Roman. Called the “Roman Space Observer Game”, the game challenges the player to use the telescope to capture a series of cosmic objects, such as galaxies and black holes, that pass across the screen. The game is […]

Wow, Unilever (UNVR) Selling Assets!

JAKARTA, – PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk (UNVR) received funds of 5.49 million euros or equivalent to Rp. 79.3 billion from the sale of assets to a company from Saudi Arabia, namely Ekaterra. The action is in line with the company’s decision to separate and sell most of its global tea business. Based on the […]

NYC Sanitation Worker Examination Period Begins June 8 – NBC New York (47)

The city announced Tuesday that the filing period for the next sanitation worker exam will begin on Wednesday, June 8. Mayor Eric Adams, the New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY) and the city’s Department of City Administrative Services (DCAS) encouraged all interested parties to take the exam, which has not been offered. since 2015. […]

Sale of Angers SCO: the audit has begun

As he announced to club employees on May 18 and as we revealed in The TeamSaïd Chabane, president and owner of more than 99% of the shares of Angers SCO, entered into exclusive negotiations with an American investment fund, GFC, which was interested in the spring in the acquisition of NAC Breda (Dutch D2) . […]

Hidalgo County reports zero coronavirus-related deaths, 793 cases of COVID-19

Hidalgo County on Tuesday reported zero coronavirus-related deaths and 793 cases of COVID-19, according to the report from the Hidalgo County Department of Health and Human Services. People who reportedly tested positive are in the following age groups: Age range Number of cases 12-19 102 20s 120 30s 111 40s 105 50s 98 60s 79 […]

Offer for summer time: Flixtrain starts new lines – also from Stuttgart – Stuttgart

Flixtrain expands its offer (icon image) Photo: Lichtgut/Julian Rettig/Lichtgut/Julian Rettig – — In view of the busy summer season, Deutsche Bahn competitor Flixtrain is expanding its range. What is planned and what Stuttgarters can look forward to. – The Deutsche Bahn competitor Flixtrain is expanding its offer for the busy summer time: In the coming […]

“They pass information to the Russians” –

from Lorenzo Cremonesi Valuable allies for the Army, for the Ukrainians they are traitors to be punished in an exemplary way. The Kiev denunciation: 600 civilians in torture chambers in Kherson From our correspondentKramatorsk (Donbass) — Per i russi the Ukrainians willing to cooperate are valuable alliesespecially after discovering to their own expense that even […]

Big Earth Orbit Minor Star in Life Zone

Hawaii, Scientists found a ‘Super Earth’ exoplanet four times as massive as ours orbiting a star 36.5 light-years away. The ‘big earth’ is called Ross 508b. Research shows the planet is a rocky world rather than a gas. Daily Mail3/6. Ross 508b orbits its parent star, a faint red dwarf in the habitable zone […]