Sud-Aveyron: crowdfunding for a future wind farm in Mélagues

The project, which provides for the installation of fourteen machines, is being installed in the South of Aveyron. Residents who so wish can invest up to one million euros. Engie Green, a subsidiary specializing in renewable energies of the French industrial energy group (merger of GDF and Suez), is currently working on the construction of […]

Cancer study attracts attention: – Crying on stage

During the ASCO cancer congress in Chicago this Pentecost weekend, American researchers presented one study which has received a lot of attention. Through immunotherapy, 14 of 14 patients with a specific form of rectal cancer became completely cancer-free. It has attracted attention, also in Norway. – The young oncologist who put it forward cried on […]

Ukrainian President Zelensky Explains Reasons For Not Being Able To Expel Russia

Kiev – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky stressed that victory over Russia had to be won. However, Zelensky revealed that his goal was constrained by the low level of Ukrainian war equipment. As reported by AFP, Wednesday (06/08/2022), Zelenky acknowledged that Ukraine’s fierce resistance to Russia’s all-out invasion of its neighbor had led to a stalemate […]

27 Causes of Unbalanced Hormones that Need to be Watched – Hormone imbalance is a condition when the body has too much or lack of certain hormones. Reported from Healthlinehormones are chemical messengers that control tissues and organs to work. Hormones regulate most of the natural processes in the body, such as metabolism, blood sugar, blood pressure, reproductive cycle, sexual function, mood, stress levels, […]

How difficult it was for Saul at Chelsea

London – Saul Niguez say goodbye to Chelsea. For a year in blue-blue uniform. Saul admitted that it was very difficult to adapt. Whoops! Saul was on loan by Atletico Madrid to Chelsea for a season, hoping to break into the first team and improve on his stagnant form. However, hope remains hope. Because, Saul […]

Helena Bonham Carter, unrecognizable on the set of “Nolly”

Difficult to recognize Helena Bonham Carter in this outfit. The 56-year-old actress was photographed on Monday in Manchester on the set of “Nolly”, in which the actress takes on the features of Noele Gordon. The latter, now unknown to the general public, was a few decades ago one of the most beloved British actresses of […]

Burešová has never been this beautiful. Pregnancy suits her incredibly well

Actress Eva Burešová’s pregnancy is really good, she has become really round in a few months and she is more beautiful than ever. On her instagram, she shared a photo in a white top with an exposed belly, which shows that the proud mother is looking forward to the baby. The young mother’s pregnancy certainly […]