Isere. Grenoble Alpes University honors its 44 Olympic and Paralympic athletes

Throughout the year, more than 600 students from Grenoble are supported by the UGA to carry out their dual project, sporting and academic. Engaged in the biggest national and international competitions, these athletes benefit from a support system to reconcile higher education and sports practice at the highest level. This Thursday, it was Philippe Giroud, […]

Crisis in California’s cannabis industry: – Mass extinction – VG

CANNABIS FARMER: Russell Perrin is a father of two and runs a small cannabis farm on the family property in Calpella, California. Photo: Thomas Nilsson / VG MENDOCINO (VG) California legalized commercial cannabis. Then came the hangover: overproduction of “Walmart cannabis” and a crushing tax burden. Published: Just updated – At the end of 2020, […]

Cancer Can Trigger Diabetes, Here’s How To Prevent It

Tuesday, 7 June 2022 – 06:32 WIB – VIVA – Profiles of people who are at higher risk of being affected canceris very similar to the description of people who are at high risk of developing diabetes. The relationship between these two diseases has actually been around for a long time. However, it is only […]

Rapper Dennis and Reiki create a Hollywood-worthy video with a Hollywood-worthy story

With a motivating and uplifting single “Raise your eyes!” At the very beginning of the summer, musician, martial artist Denis Stepanov and rapper Reiki once again reminded themselves. He has also made a video, the story of which is remarkable today. Several months ago, the rapper of the band “Olas” Reiks together with the representative […]

Higher performance and many other goodies. Apple has unveiled two new MacBooks

WWDC conferences are usually dedicated to operating systems. This was not the case this year either, when software news and improvements were being prepared, which Apple is preparing for iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and, last but not least, computers with the macOS platform. – It was the computers with the logo of the delicious apple […]

New York public school children will get $375 summer meal benefit

Pandemic relief: NYC public school children will get a summer meal benefit. Foto: Jon Cherry / Getty Images – Families with children in the New York City public school system will receive money under a federal Covid-19 pandemic relief program ongoing, in order to help feed children during the summer. The New York Office of […]

Today in history, ERKUT AKBAY and NADIDE AKBAY

Published on 19 seconds ago | par Noone | Today in history – The assassination of the Turkish administrative attaché Erkut Akbaywhich occurred on June 7, 1982 in Lisbon, Portugal, where the diplomat was on duty. Erkut Akbay was murdered near his home on the outskirts of town as he was returning home for lunch. […]

Freising: How the pandemic is affecting children’s eating habits. – Freising

Too little exercise, too much sweets: The pandemic has had a significant impact on the eating habits of children and young people. The group of ten to twelve year olds is particularly affected – and especially children from low-income families. Scientists warn of serious health consequences and see politics as a duty. – Von Petra […]

Documentation: Families in Nordstadt report on their lives in the state of emergency

A deserted northern town – an unusual view during the Corona lockdown. Photo: Abbas Dogan A film documentary by Abbas Doğan commissioned by Planerladen draws attention to the challenges during the pandemic. “Corona stays. What’s up?” is the name of the film in which families from Nordstadt report on their lives in a state of […]