UEFA Nations League: What to watch out for on Matchday 2 | UEFA Nations League

The third edition of the UEFA Nations League gets off to a fast start (due to the World Cup in December) with four consecutive matchdays, with the final round then taking place in June 2023. UEFA.com has selected the highlights of matchday 2 for you. All Nations League matches Sunday June 5thA2 Czech Republic – […]

Inspector van der Valk is back – Hunt through Amsterdam – TV

– The fresh “crime scene” only comes on Whit Monday. Anyone who appreciates new detective stories on Sundays has to stay up late. The reward is a thriller with blood, fun and suspense. In Holland they just know how to do it. In the middle of a desolate wind farm near Amsterdam, an attractive lawyer […]

Omikron variant increases

The corona pandemic does not seem to be over right yet. Omikron variant BA. 5 is creating increased infection pressure in Portugal these days. The country is now in what is being referred to as the sixth wave of covid-19. On Wednesday, the country’s health authorities confirmed 26,848 cases and 47 covid-related deaths, according to […]

Ukraine denounces Macron’s call not to humiliate Russia | Abroad

According to him, this also applies to other countries that think so and express that opinion. “Because it is Russia that humbles itself. We better all focus on how to put Russia back in its place. That will bring peace and save lives,” Koeleba said on Twitter. Macron had again warned against a disparaging treatment […]

Loneliness and stress negatively affect the antibody response to the COVID vaccine

A groundbreaking new study from Ireland’s University of Limerick (UL) has confirmed that loneliness and social stress can negatively affect the antibody response to COVID-19 infection.– Although it is obvious that the efficacy of the vaccine depends largely on factors related to the vaccine, the number of doses and the interval between doses, behavioral and […]

‘Mario Kart’ will have attraction at Nintendo’s theme park in the USA

SIt will be in early 2023 that Universal Studios Hollywood will open in the USA and, with this park, Super Nintendo World will also be open to the public – a theme park inspired by Nintendo’s biggest franchises and an adaptation of the attraction already available in Japan. We still don’t know what the attractions […]

Critical! Turkish Inflation Breaks 73%, Lira Tiarap

Jakarta – Level Turkish annual inflation reached 73.5% in May 2022. That figure is the highest in 24 years or since 1998. Collect ReutersSaturday (4/6/2022), inflation of that magnitude was triggered by the war in Ukraine, rising energy prices, and the fall of the Turkish currency, the lira. Although the annual inflation in May 2022 […]

Japan vs Brazil prediction, preview, team news and more

Brazil continue their tour of the East this week as they take on Japan in an international friendly on Monday. The Selecao have been in excellent form and are the favorites to win the match. Japan have been impressive over the past year and managed to qualify for the 2022 World Cup. The Asian giants […]