The war in Ukraine – Russia sends «The Terminator»

The war in Ukraine has been going on for a long time and now the Russians are said to have used a new weapon in the war-torn country. It claims the state-owned Russian news agency Ria. The weapon in question is the BMPT tank, which goes by the nickname “Terminator”. The tank has previously been […]

Scene restaurateur Martin Ho is expanding with star photographer Michel Comte

Entrepreneur Martin Ho’s culinary companies have given themselves a new corporate design and are being bundled under the uniform “Dots” brand. Behind this is the worldwide expansion in autumn. An international creative team led by star photographer Michel Comte is responsible for this. HORIZONT spoke exclusively to Ho about his investments. HORIZONT: Why is a […]

Is it true? Sasho Kadiev dumped Desi

The host of “Before noon” Sasho Kadiev announced to the viewers of bTV that he will not be at work tomorrow because he is leaving for Israel. He sincerely boasted that the long weekend was due to a celebration – the birthday of his girlfriend Ivelina Choeva. The party will be in Tel Aviv, Maritsa […]

NASA Rover Drills Delta Region Reveals Early Life on Mars

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — The United States Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Perseverance rover robot (NASA) will begin climbing in the delta region of the Jazero Crater on Mars. In a NASA report, Tuesday (17/5), the six-wheeled robot is reported to have traveled to take samples of suspected ancient microbes and organics. The research, published in […]

Heerenveen gets late reward and hurts AZ in play-offs | Football

Alkmaarders wet again in final phase – The first leg between SC Heerenveen and AZ in the play-offs ended in a 3-2 win for the home team. In a match with two faces, a spectacular phase after the break gave AZ a lead, but Amin Sarr and Tibor Halilovic gave Heerenveen the deserved victory in […]

Posthumous | Vangelis, the New Age composer who found New Age boring

Vangelis passed away. The Greek godfather of New Age music won an Oscar for his film score for Chariots of fire and scored a world hit with ‘Conquest of paradise’. – Vangelis gave his first piano concerto when he was six, although he never learned to read music. At that time he was still called […]

Ubisoft has finally prepared its roller skating game for launch

Back in 2019, Ubisoft unveiled the Roller Champions, a team-based roller skating game reminiscent of the Rocket League. After the unveiling, however, the game encountered several problems, but now the development team has finally set a final release date. – Roller Champions has been given a date. Image Ubisoft Via the game’s latest trailer, Ubisoft […]

Terra receives hefty fine, special team investigates LUNA » Crypto Insiders

The legal problems are mounting rapidly for the company and the founder behind the recently crashed Terra network and LUNA and UST rates. Terra receives a hefty fine from the tax authorities Terraform Labs, the company Terra of founder Do Kwon, has been fined a whopping 100 billion Korean won, or about $78.3 million or […]

At “high” level due to covid-19, New York will not reinstate the mask mandate

The new subvariants of the coronavirus: XD, XE and XF 2:21– (CNN) — As health officials warn of rising Covid-19 infections and hospitalizations, New York’s mayor said the city will not reinstate mask mandates for the time being. “I’m proud of what we’re doing and how we’re not letting Covid outsmart us,” Mayor Eric Adams […]