Three Mi-17 helicopters from the US have already arrived in Ukraine

Also, 60% of the 209 thousand shells for 155-mm howitzers promised by the United States have already arrived in Ukraine. These are the first of 11 Mi-8 and Mi-17 helicopters to be delivered under the US aid package. Three Mi-17 helicopters from U.S.A arrived in Ukraine and are already performing combat missions. This was reported […]

NASA Finds ‘Mysterious Door’ on Mars

NASA recently surprised the public with their findings. The furore stems from NASA’s Curosity robot taking a feature photo lovecraftian on the surface of Mars last week. However, there are holes that appear rectangular and the shadows in the exposed rock appear as if they are pointing to the Martian underground. The photo was taken […]

You can now use Alexa on your computer; see how | Productivity

System computer users Windows 10 or 11 now you can download and use the Alexa through the app Amazonavailable at Microsoft Store. The program brings the experience of echo devices to the computer, allowing the user to dictate voice commands on the desktop system. It is possible, for example, to play songs, consult the weather […]

Elon Musk gives you a simple tip to regain (some) control of your Twitter account

The opinions expressed by the collaborators of Entrepreneur they are personal. A high percentage of the things Elon Musk upload to your account Twitter It fulfills a function of advertising itself and its most recent occurrences. You have to admit that he does it quite well. Every now and then, though, he posts things that […]

Early voting begins in second round of Texas primaries

Los Angeles, May 16 (EFE).- Early voting for the second round of the Texas primaries on May 24 began this Monday and will run until the end of the week. The second round summons the voters to define the candidates of each party that failed to obtain more than 50% of the votes in the […]

Current petrol prices in Offenbach am Main: Gas station prices in comparison – HERE you can save on fuel

Selgros Martin-Behaimstrasse 3, 63263 Neu-Isenburg 2,069 Euro 2,009 Euro 1,919 Euro REWE gas station Werner-Von-Siemens-Strasse 2, 63150 Heusenstamm 2,079 Euro no E10 1,929 Euro Supermarket gas station Am Riederbruch 10, 60386 Frankfurt 2,089 Euro 2,029 Euro 1,899 Euro Hessol Bahnhofstrasse 140, 63477 Maintal 2,089 Euro 2,029 Euro 1,929 Euro Profitank Senefelder Str. 170, 63069 Offenbach […]