Finally made a choice and immediately doubt sets in in ‘Boer seeks wife’

– © VTM – The decision was made in ‘Farmer seeks wife’. Garry already chose Els, but last night the other four farmers also had to indicate their favorite. That made for happy faces, although Kim immediately started to doubt. – Potato farmer Kim (29) chose Ginny over Emi on Sunday. All caused the necessary […]

The powerful ZTE Axon 40 Ultra wins on design with the Galaxy S22 Ultra!

ZTE Axon 40 Ultra will debut tomorrow, which will be considered one of the most beautiful smartphones in the world. No wonder, after all, it has a perfect front with a camera under the screen – this is what it looks like compared to the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. The long-awaited flagship premiere ZTE Axon […]

300 euro bonus for families: how to get it

The bonuses for families are many. It is important to understand what the requirements are for obtaining them. This one from 300 euros is without Isee Bonus Internet (Foto Pixabay) The system bonus now in vogue for some time in the institutions is a support mechanism aimed at partially buffering the difficult situations. That is, […]

Angers: a baby in absolute emergency after a fall from the 6th floor

A 22-month-old girl approached the window on the 6th floor and fell over. The facts took place, on the evening of Thursday, May 5, in the Orgemont district, at Angers. A 22-month-old girl was at her parents’ home when she approached the window on the 6th floor. the baby tumbled into the void before falling […]

The Valle Gran Rey School of Music will participate in the EMYD 2022 | GomeraGreen

More than eight hundred boys and girls will perform in the Cultural Space of Caja Canarias, representing the different Municipal Music and Dance Schools of Tenerife, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro. With this initiative, we offer our young people a new space where they can express themselves, actively participating in the social event […]

What are the aspects that discourage the planting of wheat

In an exhaustive analysis of the negative and positive factors of the current wheat campaign in the core zone, a report from the Rosario Stock Exchange (BCR) indicated that “it is very complicated” to repeat the conditions to achieve record yields, as in the previous cycle. However, as an encouraging aspect, he pointed out that […]

Traffic accident, Motorhome | Motorhome by the road in Salangsdalen

The police report that a motorhome has driven out of the road about three kilometers north of the exit to Polar Park in Salangsdalen. – It is reported that there were three people in the car and everyone is out reporting. They are taken care of until the emergency services are on site, the police […]

G7 countries commit to phase out Russian oil imports / GORDON

The statement emphasizes that the G7 countries have already imposed a number of coordinated sanctions against the regime of Russian President Vladimir Putin to make it difficult for him to wage an aggressive war against Ukraine, and will continue to increase pressure. The signatories of the statement collectively commit to take a series of measures […]