Limit use of J&J vaccine due to risk of blood clots

The FDA announced that it will limit the emergency use authorization of Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine to people 18 years of age and older. In an FDA statement, it was reported that the change is motivated by the risk of a rare and dangerous clotting condition called thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome, which can occur […]

Ferrari will occupy the first row in Miami! Pole position for Leclerca –

Qualifying for the historically first Miami Grand Prix took place at high temperatures. The track was over 50 ° C. Unlike training, however, she did without an accident or interruption. Esteban Ocon has to change his chassis after the accident in the last practice and thus did not enter the qualification. Therefore, only four riders […]

who was eliminated Amici 2022? / The dancer cries and ..

Dario eliminated; Albe, Alex and Serena join the other three finalists Alex, Albe, Serena, Dario: who was eliminated Amici 2022? As usual it is Maria De Filippi to deal with the final verdicts. The first to discover that he is officially admitted to the final, together with the other finalist competitors, is Alex who for […]

Natural disasters | Los Angeles, the least protected place in the United States

Los Angeles County is the least safe place in the United States when it comes to the threat of natural disaster, according to an index from the US Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Posted Jan 2, 2021 – – Seth Borenstein Associated Press – She calculated the risk of one of 18 types of natural disasters, […]

Eglė Džiugytė. Is the Fed taking decisive action, will that be enough?

Interest dances on inflation-ordered music It is worth mentioning that this is the second time the Fed has raised interest rates this year and Fed Head Jerome Powell has given a clear indication that this is not the last time. Market participants estimate that we will still receive 5-6 base rate increases and at the […]

Bill 96: Indigenous leaders want an exemption

Bill 96 is of concern to the English-speaking communities of Quebec, but also to the natives, the members of the Kahnawake community having, moreover, issued a warning to the government to demand an exemption. • Read also: Students better in English at the end of secondary school • Read also: Legault tries to reassure English-speaking […]

Brain scan reveals ‘secret code’ behind working memory

The “secret code” the brain uses to create so-called working memory has finally been cracked by researchers at Florida State University and New York University. This type of memory is what allows people to temporarily retain and manipulate information for short periods of time. You use working memory, for example, when you look up a […]

Luis Díaz’s parents will be in the Champions League final

louis diaz does not stop being news after his passage from Porto de Portugal to Liverpool of England, and all thanks to his outstanding performances game by game, showing all his talent at the service of the ‘reds’. (Read here: Luis Díaz was “sparked” coastal touch in Liverpool and they did not let it go […]