Freedom of expression, lack of vaccinations and education

The statements made by the governor of La Rioja, Ricardo Quintela, regarding the blocking of some national media outlets speak for themselves of the terror that he has, in particular, of news that exposes truths and shortcomings in his province. Citizens have the freedom to choose what we see. It is not necessary for any […]

Including Liverpool: The Club Most Often Qualify For The Champions League Final

Advancing to the Champions League final is certainly not an easy thing, let alone doing it consistently. Of the many elite European clubs, only a few can penetrate the top round on more than five occasions. Following Goal summarize the list of clubs that have qualified for the final the most since the Champions League […]

David Harbour, the Stranger Things actor whose life was saved by a cat

David Harbour He is known for his film, theater, and television work. Currently, the interpreter continues to give life to Jim Hopper in “Stranger Things”a character that has opened the doors to other important roles such as Red Guardian in “Black Widow”. Previously, Harbor had worked on “Black Mass” and “Suicide Squad”, among others. Her […]

mosquito hunting is declared open

“We have always had mosquito problems here, explains Mayor Kévin Subrenat, but before, the inhabitants could manage them individually. It is now impossible. Because we let the marshes become impoverished, abandoned, causing the multiplication of stagnant water while causing a decrease in the surrounding fauna and flora. As a result, fewer predators or animals to […]