Stories of rape by Russians, but prosecution is often difficult

“Almost all the women and girls wanted to flee. The women who remained went into the woods at night to sleep there, together in a group. We spoke to countless people who told about Russian soldiers going door to door to see if they were women. and girls could find.” It is just one of […]

A survey of Hubble’s largest data archive reveals why some planets are so warm

In a new study, a team of scientists from University College London (UCL) analyzed hundreds of hours of observations, looking at the atmospheres of 25 so-called hot Jupiters – exoplanets the size of Jupiter. Using more than 600 hours of observations by the Hubble Space Telescope and 400 hours of observations by NASA’s now retired […]

the comparison with divinity

During Superteleprogramma in onda su Dazn conducted by Pierluigi Pardothe singer intervened Lorenzo Jovanotti. Among the various topics covered, we ended up commenting on the singer’s tour in the various stadiums, including the former San Paolo. Speaking of the plant today named after the former Pibe de Oro, Jovanotti commented Diego Armando Maradona: “I love […]

How many Concachampions does America have in its history?

The successes of America they are not limited only to the local level, because internationally they are a very important team for the zone of the Concacafbeing the top winner of the Concachampionsa place of honor that they have held alone for several years. Despite the fact that in their last participation in the tournament […]

VRT NU is available for Apple TV – Image and sound – News

Yes I know, but keep thinking it’s stupid of them. The crazy thing is, in itself there are half solutions, which will actually get you out of it. You can view everything via the website (that’s how we do it now, via the browser of our LG) but that’s not really a nice experience. And […]

Registration is paid and ends up beating Mo Farah in the London 10k

Eilis Cross beat Mo Farah down the stretch at the London / London 10k – The story that comes to us from the 10k in London that was held this Monday is unheard of. An athlete from an English club, whom not even the organization had invited as an elite, He has taken the victory […]