Billions of oligarch Abramovich frozen • Zelensky calls for more weapons to be delivered

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warns poor countries are “being economically ruined” by the war in Ukraine. The problems are caused by the simultaneous occurrence of a food crisis, an energy crisis and a financial crisis. Russia is the world’s largest exporter of oil and gas, and Russia and Ukraine are both major grain producers. … Read more

Cholesterol to Cancer, These are 6 Diseases That Can Be Seen From The Eyes

loading… Eyes can be a reflection of health. Various diseases can be revealed from the condition of your eyes. Including deadly diseases such as cholesterol to cancer. Photo/Access Eye JAKARTA – Eye can be a reflection health . Various disease can also be revealed from how the condition of your eyes. This includes deadly diseases … Read more

What signs of the zodiac will be lucky with money in 2022 – a detailed astrological horoscope – Horoscopes for today

Who will be the luckiest in money and wealth in 2022: astrological forecast – What zodiac signs will get money / Photo: Collage: Today – People are always interested welfare issues , wealth and money, and even more so – in difficult times. What surprises can the Black Tiger symbol of the year bring in … Read more

Apple Watch: blood glucose sensor and blood pressure monitor will not arrive before 2024

Some innovations expected for the Apple Watch would unfortunately not arrive anytime soon. Indeed, a new report from Bloomberg has just pointed out that the blood glucose sensor and the blood pressure monitor have fallen behind at Apple. Faced with some technical difficulties, the two technologies would thus not be available before the year 2024. … Read more

Does the streak continue? America must pay 10 thousand dollars for a fine from Conmebol to Osorio

América de Cali still has to do with its former coach Juan Carlos Osorio. This Wednesday it was learned that La Mechita must respond financially for a fine that Conmebol imposed on the strategist from Risaralda. This April 11, at the offices of America, a notification from the Confederation arrived. In it you read the … Read more