Cristiano Ronaldo apologizes to fan after outburst

Cristiano Ronaldo “exploded” and is now being investigated 1:40 (CNN) — An incident involving a fan’s cell phone and Cristiano Ronaldo after the defeat of Manchester United 1-0 in the Premier League against Everton on Saturday prompted a police investigation and an apology from the Portuguese international soccer star. In a video posted on social […]

The scandal between Luciana Salazar and Martín Redrado is renewed: what happened

The fight between Luciana Salazar and Martin Redrado It continues to add chapters in the public sphere, through its publications on social networks and the legal actions involved. As it became known in the last few hours, the model is going through a bad time because the economist would have decided to cancel the investment […]

Beware, scams: never give out your bank codes

Last Thursday, a resident of the municipality of Raeren filed a complaint, explaining that she had first received a written message, via WhatsApp, from a person she did not know. There followed a voice call during which this stranger had asked him to activate his bank card and his card reader, before transmitting the codes […]

Monaco, Grasse, Hyères, … the video summaries of the J19 in group C

Zapping Foot National Top 10 Gambardella Cup winners 19th day of National 2 on the program this weekend, with many matches in the four groups. In the C, the leader GOAL FC received Marignane Gignac, while the reserves of OL and OM were on the bridge against Fréjus Saint-Rapaël and Aubagne. But there were also […]

Missile system donation to Ukraine wasted because it was destroyed by Russia

Moscow – Donation of missile systems from one of the European countries to Ukraine ended up in vain. The anti-aircraft defense system was destroyed under attack Russia. Reported from Reuters, Monday (11/4/2022), Russia claimed to have destroyed the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system supplied to Ukraine by a European country. Russian troops are also said to […]

“Fire Sin” is back! Filming for the new season is currently underway

One of the most discussed and recognizable series in Latvia, UgunsGreks, the last series of which was released in 2017, will return to the audience this autumn, TV3 is happy to share the news. Filming of the new season “Return” has started in Bīriņi Castle, bringing together the already beloved actors of the series and […]