Results of the presidential election at Blanc-Mesnil live

17:11 – François Fillon’s result in the last presidential election at Blanc-Mesnil is the envy The result of the first round of the last election in Blanc-Mesnil had brought 11.34% of the votes to François Fillon. What the voters of the former head of government will decide will be one of the stakes of this […]

I think Putin may have invaded Ukraine to increase his support among the Russians

The war in Ukraine has not gone according to Vladimir Putin’s plans, according to military experts. But at home in Russia, the war has been a success for the president. After the invasion, Putin’s popularity has skyrocketed. That it would happen, the president could feel reasonably sure, according to the renowned social scientist Alexei Levinson. […]

Veneta with a sad confession ᐉ News from – Curious

The most positive and frank participant from “The Bachelor” is undoubtedly Veneta Kostova. She became a favorite of the audience, who were disappointed by Victor’s decision to send her home before the final. Veneta, 31, is from Dupnitsa. She graduated in pharmacy, which she is extremely proud of. She loves to communicate, and her strongest […]

First fully private mission arrives at the International Space Station | Innovation

The first fully private team of astronauts ever launched to the International Space Station (ISS) safely arrived at the research platform in orbit this Saturday (9) to begin a week-long science mission, considered a milestone for commercial spaceflight. . – The arrival came about 21 hours after the four-man team representing Houston-based company Axiom Space […]

Pandemic? Ukraine war? New York remains optimistic

– – column — First came the pandemic, then a war. But the city isn’t giving up its optimism that easily. A city tour — «Please download the program of the fair from our website. You will also find the hymns and today’s reading there.» So that the congregation does not have to laboriously type […]

Farm and Ranch Insurance Market Share, Industry Growth, Size Estimation, Emerging Demand, Regional Opportunities and Challenges, Revenue, SWOT Analysis and Forecast by 2029 –

The final report will add the analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on this industry. The Global Farm and Ranch Insurance Market research study includes reliable insights and accurate forecasts for better knowledge of current and future market status. This insightful research report covers the CAGR value, revenue, production, consumption, sales, manufacturing cost, price, and […]

Winners’ Concert Baden-Württemberg State Jazz Prize 2021 – Guitarist Christoph Neuhaus & Ramblin’ Bird – radiohoerer

“Christoph Neuhaus inspires as an extraordinarily versatile guitarist and composer. Stylistically confident and extremely creative, he moves musically at the interface between jazz, groove, blues and folk music.” (State Secretary Petra Olschowski). The 2021 State Jazz Prize winner and guitarist from Stuttgart is a “guy”, someone with the courage to sing and to play handmade […]