Pink Floyd ‘releases Hey Hey Rise Up’ in support of Ukraine

On YouTube alone: ​​3,180,216 views. As of this writing, hours after the song and its music video dropped on digital platforms (at the stroke of midnight), this is the number that appears, at least until the next screen refresh. Where are we, all platforms added up? It feels like the whole world will have listened […]

what are the proposals of the candidates for the presidential election around health?

Number of beds in hospitals, access to care, public hospital… The covid-19 pandemic has put health back among the major concerns of the French. Candidates for the 2022 presidential election have taken up this theme. They are increasing visits to hospitals, while making important promises concerning the health and hospital sector. Health insurance in France, […]

Global Skiing All-Mountain Manufacturing Market

Global All-Mountain Skis Market 2022 is examined in depth in this report, with a focus on revenue, growth patterns, market trends, and overall industry volume. Included are import and export consumption, supply and demand, prices, revenue and gross margins. It also includes projections for the next few years (2022-2031), as well as a look at […]

A dispersed teacher had an orgy with three students, and her perverted lover …

A 42-year-old teacher from India organized an orgy with three 16-year-old students from the school where she teaches and ended up in prison, writes the International Business Times. The Tamil Nadu Cybercrime Unit has launched an investigation against the teacher after a video of her orgy blew up the Internet. Police were able to establish […]

Scientists make skin 30 years younger: ‘Promising, but not without risk’

The technique developed by scientists at the Babraham Institute, affiliated with the University of Cambridge, can ‘reprogram’ skin cells. As a result, the cells look younger and behave as if they are much younger. The researchers used cells from the skin of a 53-year-old woman. The result: after the treatment in a laboratory, the skin […]

Rich astronauts on their way to ISS, first private mission

Four astronauts have left for the ISS in a rocket. It is the first mission to the International Space Station to be fully funded by private individuals. One of the commercial astronauts is 64-year-old Dutch-Israeli businessman Eytan Stibbe. The rocket was launched from Cape Canaveral space base in the US state of Florida. If all […]