Found over 300 dead dogs: The pictures are shocking

The war is raging in Ukraine, which also affects the animals that are in the country. The Ukrainian animal protection organization UAanimals informs that hundreds of dead dogs have been found in an animal shelter in the Kyiv region, north-east of the country. We warn about strong images. – A few days ago we were […]

Champions League: Chelsea FC – Real Madrid CF 1: 3

yesterday 22:56 | Real Madrid footballers won the first quarterfinal match of the Champions League 2021/2022 on the turf of the Chelsea FC trophy defender 3: 1, all their goals were scored by Karim Benzema. Retaliation is scheduled for Tuesday, April 12. Champions League 1 final match: FC Chelsea – Real Madrid 1:3 (1:2) Goals: […]

Drama! Prince Harry is looking for a surrogate mother, Megan cannot conceive

In some American media there were allegations that the royal family of Great Britain is about to increase by another member, writes According to the publication, Megan Markle and Prince Harry have long wanted a third child and even considered resorting to the services of a surrogate mother, as the Duchess of Sussex was […]

They speed up the production of the Valve Steam Deck

Valve also strives to improve and accelerate the production and delivery of Steam Deck. According to Valve’s information intensify production of Steam Deck, so they can ship multiple orders to any user who has already booked a console. Now the first round orders are being fulfilled for the second quarter, so far there have been […]

Government cancels VAT reduction for bicycles because of ‘too expensive’

The VAT on bicycles and electric bicycles will not be reduced to 6 percent after all. The government finds the measure too expensive. Last month, excise duties on diesel and petrol were significantly reduced. In order to encourage more people to opt for the bicycle as a means of transport, the Chamber approved in 2019 […]

Sad! Dandy’s friends disrespected his funeral

© Surprisingly few people gathered at the funeral of one of the most eccentric Bulgarians in the last 30 years – Lyubomir Milchev-Dandy, in the capital’s St. Petka Church. Most of those who pretended to be his “close friends” on social media were either not really like him, or “urgent commitments” prevented them from saying […]

Emmanuel Macron visiting Dijon, meeting students, residents and associations

It is as a presidential candidate that Emmanuel Macron was visiting Dijon this Monday, March 28. A visit placed under the sign of youth, training and city policy. The president-candidate was accompanied by François Rebsamen, the socialist mayor of Dijon who announced a few days ago his rallying to Emmanuel Macron. 7:15 p.m. A last […]

Johnson believes trans women should not participate in women’s sports

Corresponding Flower Launspach: These comments from Johnson are part of what we call “Culture Wars” in the UK. They are social discussions about gender, sexuality, color or background, and about what is or is not seen as ‘politically correct’ in this day and age. In the meantime, these kinds of discussions in politics are also […]