The Federal Council wants to expand the support program and strengthen voluntary work

The Federal Council Bern, 30.03.2022 – The Federal Council wants to strengthen the federal government’s largest sports funding program, Youth+Sport (J+S), so that it can reach even more children and young people. Among other things, the “J+S camp” funding scheme will now also be open to sports clubs and other organizations and new opportunities for […]

5 Benefits of Bananas for Men, Can It Really Increase Libido?

Sonora.ID – Banana be one of the fruits that are quite easy to find in our country whose land is famous for being rich. However, there are still many people who don’t know banana benefits especially for men. Reportedly, one of the benefits is that it can increase libido for the sake of a more […]

Actress in a naked dress showed everything at the Oscars PHOTOS

Kristen Stewart chooses comfortable and pleasant visions in her daily life, which are successfully combined with her turbulent and restless nature. 5 fashion mistakes that age women and turn them into bad-looking aunts – On the red carpet, however, the 31-year-old American actress looks completely different. Obviously, Stewart is dressed by a stylist, but given […]

Hubble telescope detects farthest star ever seen

– © NASA, ESA, S. Larsen (Radboud University, the Netherlands) – Hubble Space Telescope has detected the farthest star ever observed. Named Earendel (“Morning Star” in Old English), the light from the star took 12.9 billion years to reach Earth. – Source: BELGIAN Yesterday at 21:58— The star is one of the largest known stars. […]

Before Buying, Know the Differences in 4 Types of All New Honda BR-V 2022 – Since its introduction in September 2021, the All New Honda BR-V 2022 immediately kicked off the Indonesian car market, especially for the family car segment. All New Honda BR-V 2022 is designed to combine the design and toughness of a sport utility vehicle (SUV) as well as the functionality and comfort of a […]

Hamid Hamid dropped a bomb! He said when the elections would take place

As it goes, there will be early elections very soon. This forecast was given by the Deputy Chairman of the MRF General Assembly Hamid Hamid in an interview for “The Day Live” on NOVA NEWS. Coalition councils are shrouded in fog, with the exception of a ridiculous rally at Paradise Mall to form a ruling […]