Classic for the refugees – Main-Tauber region

Bronnbach. A benefit concert to collect donations for refugees from the war in Ukraine will take place on Friday, April 8th at 6 p.m. in the Joseph Hall of the Bronnbach Monastery. The organizer is the “Welcome to Wertheim” association. Mayor Markus Herrera Torrez has taken on the patronage. AdUnit Mobile_Pos2 AdUnit Content_1 Various musicians […]

“I want to live one day on the Costa del Sol, the sea calms me down”

Bozidar Maljkovic spends a few days on the Costa del Sol. The former Unicaja coach, now president of the Serbian Olympic Committee, was at the Martín Carpena on Sunday watching live how the green team beat Coosur Real Betis in the league derby. The former Serbian coach, who will turn 70 next April, is one […]

Trial against “El Cholo Houston” rescheduled – Diario La Tribuna

Yesterday, the Extortion Sentencing Court began the oral and public trial against Carlos Alberto Álvarez Cruz alias “Cholo Houston”, his partner Lizeth Carolina Claros Inestroza, who were arrested on August 29, 2019 in possession of six million two hundred eighty-seven thousand five hundred lempiras (L6,287,500.00), jewelry, weapons and a collection of luxury cars, among other […]

Putin asks to pay for Russian gas in rubles, Germany opens voice

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Since last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin said countries “unfriendly” to him would be required to pay for energy products such as natural gas in rubles. By demanding payments in Russian currency, rather than in dollars or euros, as contracted, Putin is trying to shore up the value of the ruble, […]

Roksana Węgiel showed a flat stomach on Instagram. Andrzej Duda likes this

Roxie Węgiel is a rising star of Polish music. She quickly gained many fans, and her profile on Instagram has over 1.3 million users. Roxana’s actions are watched not only by its recipients, but also by other stars. Follow they gave her, among others Dawid Kwiatkowski, Kinga Sawczuk, Fit Loversi, and also Andrzej Duda! Recently, […]

Instagram Stories can be replied to with an audio message

A new feature has been discovered that is in development on Instagram. It is a feature that allows stories are answered with voice messages. Developer Alessandro Paluzzi, known for reverse engineering apps to look for new features, found the feature, and last Saturday shared a screenshot of the new feature. See too: WhatsApp will change! […]

This is how Zeewolde floored Facebook’s hyperscale data center | Financial

Premium The best of De Telegraaf – Meta forgoes large data center for the time being – SEAWOLD – The decision by Facebook parent company Meta not to build a hyperscale data center at Zeewolde for the time being has been met with great approval in the Flevoland village and in the House of Representatives. […]