Not only excessive alcohol consumption, this is a triggering factor for liver cancer

JAKARTA, – Heart cancer always synonymous with habit consuming alcohol excessively. In fact, liver cancer appears not only by excess alcohol, but also due to several factors. Liver cancer is divided into two types, namely: primary liver cancer which is a cancer that occurs from normal liver cells turning into abnormal cells, while the […]

Stephen Wilhite, inventor of the GIF, has passed away

Wilhite invented the file in 1987 because of the slow internet, intended to send multiple images quickly. “He thought of everything in his head and then he programmed it on the computer,” his wife told The Verge. The first GIF, as far as he could remember, was a moving picture of a planeWilhite told in […]

Download GTA SA Lite for Free on Android Phones? Use the legal link here

JOGLOSEMAR NEWS – View game information GTA SA Lite free and GTA San Andreas made Rockstar Games. GTA San Andreas often abbreviated as SA but this term is often used to refer to Mod games. Game Mods are modified games or imitations of official games so security is not guaranteed. – – Also Read: Download […]

rising fish prices at fishmongers

With Brexit and now the crisis in Ukraine, fresh fish has become more and more expensive in recent weeks on the stalls of our fishmongers. In some establishments, these increases can range from 10% on cod or whiting to 30% on salmon or even more for certain species. Charles Bretin, fishmonger at “la Poissonnerie Boulonnaise” […]

One month ago Russia invaded Ukraine – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

On February 24, 2022, Russia sent ground forces into Ukraine and attacked military targets across the country. Today is one month since the shock invasion and war began. The Russian forces have not succeeded in capturing the capital Kyiv, and the advance elsewhere has stopped as a result of Ukrainian resistance. But the losses and […]

Diesel: a new emergency is coming

Russia’s war in Ukraine has already changed everything. Here’s what’s about to happen in Europe: doomsday scenario For weeks we have been fighting with expensive fuel. According to some, it is a dramatic consequence of the war in Ukraine. According to others, a gigantic speculation. Not to mention a big scam. But in addition to […]

ATP > Federer’s feat still unmatched by Nadal

Thanks to his exceptional start to the season, Rafael Nadal continues to break records. But some still resist him. And often, it is Novak Djokovic or Roger Federer who hold them. With Rafa’s defeat against Taylor Fritz on Sunday in Indian Wells, the Swiss remains the only player to have managed to win a Masters […]

United States: Idaho passes new law restricting abortion

Another violation of women’s rights. In Idaho, in the United States, a new law was passed on March 23, authorizing civil lawsuits against health professionals practicing voluntary terminations of pregnancy (IVG). Promulgated by Governor of Idaho, Brad Little, this new law allows the families of women who have undergone an abortion, but also the father […]

Chef Petar Mihalchev out of “MasterChef” – Gossip

The culinary show “MasterChef” has lost another of its faces – chef Petar Mihalchev. He was the main color in the show with his appearance and character. The “bad” boy in the kitchen, who is a virtuoso on the topic of Japanese appetizing menu, himself announced on social media that he will not participate in […]