Bohdalová has had enough of Fock’s questions: It’s awkward!

“Jesus Christ, argue, you know how old I am. It’s embarrassing, write it down there, “ cut off Jiřina Bohdalová to the question of the website, how is it currently with the Slovak millionaire Ľubomír Fock (66). Jiřina Bohdalová: My legs hurt when reading! – – – – – “I’m sorry I’m upset, but […]

3 reasons why bitcoin rose 14.5% yesterday » Crypto Insiders

Yesterday the rose price of bitcoin (BTC) at 14.5%, this is of course an unbelievably high rise. Today, therefore, I am talking about three reasons why this 14.5% increase occurred. In addition, I tell you what level Bitcoin can go to in the short and long term. The first reason has to do with the […]

AKBP M Suspected of Raping ABG, Kompolnas: Sanctions Will Be Enlarged If Proven

Jakarta – A police officer from the South Sulawesi (Sulsel) Regional Police was arrested on suspicion of rape and make ABG daughters as sex slaves. Kompolnas checks the news that the officer with the initials AKBP M made female teenage girls into sex slaves. “We don’t know about this yet. We will first check with […]

Conflans-en-Jarnisy. Imagining tomorrow’s agriculture is everyone’s business

In addition to Dominique Potier, socialist deputy for Meurthe-et-Moselle and a professional farmer, the conference “Feeding the earth, agriculture facing the challenges of tomorrow” will bring together, in Nancy on March 3, Meriem Fournier, president of the National Institute research for agriculture, food and the environment, and Yves Le Roux, professor at the École nationale […]

Africans fleeing Ukraine: ‘We have been pushed away, ignored and mistreated’

Students of color say it is very difficult for them to leave Ukraine. Under the hashtag #AfricansinUkraine they share their stories. For example, how they are often refused on trains and buses, and how difficult it can be to cross the border. Patricia Daley is a Kenyan-British lawyer and activist who tries to help the […]

Jennifer Garner: Glamor performance at premiere in New York

Jennifer Garner Glamor performance at premiere in New York – – Jennifer Garner stunned in a black slit dress at the premiere of ‘The Adam Project’. © imago/MediaPunch – Jennifer Garner caused a flurry of flashbulbs at a film premiere. She wowed with a glamorous appearance. – Jennifer Garner (49) was a real eye-catcher at […]

Exclusion of Russia and Belarus from the Hockey World Championship

exclusion Sanctions against Russia and Belarus in hockey — For the first time, two nations are excluded from the Hockey World Cup – but they lack the courage to take the 2023 World Cup away from the Russians. — Russia and Belarus are excluded from all tournaments in 2022. As requested by the Swiss Ice […]