The new biometric bank card, hyper secure, from Samsung

Share Tweet Share Share Email The latest innovation from Samsung Electronic relates to the development of a biometric bank card. Apparently, this card will be equipped with a fingerprint sensor. The latter will adopt a new, safer security system to protect transactions. According to the specifics of this one, it turns out to be interesting. […]

Because of abuse report: church in Aschaffenburg suspends services

After the shocking report on sexual violence against children and young people in the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising, the Aschaffenburg pastor Markus Krauth resorted to drastic measures: on the next three Sundays, the services in his parish “Birth of Mary” will be cancelled.”What we as a parish of this church shocked is not only […]

Do you want to see the Rams against the 49ers? it will cost you a lot

Tickets for Sunday’s game by the Rams against the 49ers are the most expensive of any NFL playoff game. At an average price of $824, tickets to Sunday’s game at Inglewood’s SoFi Stadium will cost almost $300 more than an average ticket to the Chiefs-Bengals game later that day in Kansas City, Mo. When the […]

Cooperating with JGTC & SerMorpheus, Tokocrypto Supports NFT Development

JAKARTA, – Tokocrypto has partnered with Jazz Goes To Campus (JGTC) and SerMorpheus, platform marketplace NFT in Indonesia, to make The 44th Jazz Goes To Campus Festival a success which will be held on February 5, 2022 in Kuningan City, Jakarta. This collaboration will mark a new chapter in the crypto asset and performing […]

News from the think tanks of the insurers

Helvetia is revising household contents protection If you want to take out a household contents policy with Helvetia, you can now choose between three instead of just two types of cover. Basic and comfort protection have been known for a long time, but compact protection is new. There are also a few performance updates. More […]

One year after Brexit: exports to the UK have fallen – Economy

EU and Great Britain – that was once. The consequences of the final exit are also visible in German foreign trade. Great Britain drops several places in the ranking of export countries. Wiesbaden (dpa) – One year after Great Britain finally broke with the European Union, German exports to the United Kingdom have continued to […]

Pentagon Says Horrified If Russia Attacks Ukraine: The Casualties Will Be Huge!

Washington D.C – Pentagon reminding the consequences of the attack plan Russia to Ukraine would be terrible. The Pentagon confirmed that there would be destruction and enormous human casualties if the attack did occur. As reported by AFP, Saturday (29/1/2022), the Pentagon revealed the horrors that would occur if a full-scale attack by Russian forces […]