The former president of Fiorentina Vittorio Cecchi Gori rushed to the Gemelli hospital

Vittorio Cecchi Gori, former president of the Fiorentina, is hospitalized at the Gemelli Hospital in Rome for lung problems. As reported, the entrepreneur, currently under house arrest for fraudulent bankruptcy, had Covid some time ago, despite the three doses of the vaccine. “Vittorio Cecchi Gori is hospitalized at the Gemelli hospital in Rome for […]

12 Great Franchisees That Are From Microsoft After Buying Activision

– Meet the biggest titles that are in the house of Microsoft after the purchase of Activision January isn’t even over and the game industry has already received some bombshell news when Microsoft announced that it will buy the Activision Blizzard by impressive $70 billion, the largest acquisition in the industry’s history. The agreement has […]

PostNL delivers fewer parcels | Financial

Due to the rapid economic recovery, there has been a strong demand for space to transport goods on ships and planes for months, making it increasingly scarce. According to PostNL, this caused disruptions in international parcel delivery. At the same time, since 1 July, VAT must also be paid for smaller packages from outside the […]

a family from Lelling files a complaint against the CHR of Metz-Thionville

Jenna was two months old. She died on January 21 at 7:57 p.m. at the Marie-Madeleine hospital in Forbach. The medical profession did everything to try to save her. In vain. Her health had deteriorated so much that she succumbed to cardiac arrest. To understand this tragic disappearance, we must go back to the previous […]

Bulgaria is the first in COVID mortality in the EU and the second …

Bulgaria is struggling with another devastating wave of COVID-19 amid political change and rising inflation, according to a European Commission report. It was published today and is entitled “Development of social policy in Bulgaria”, BGNES reports. COVID-19 mortality is the highest in the EU and second in the world, and the pandemic is increasing pressure […]

Kicillof announced the third dose of the free Covid-19 vaccine for teachers and those over 50

The provincial president gave a conference from Chapadmalal, where he is with his isolated family after testing positive for Covid-19 last Saturday. He contacted Santa Teresita where other officials from Buenos Aires were present, such as Deputy Governor Verónica Magario, the Minister of Education; Alberto Sileoni; the Minister of Health, Nicolás Kreplak; the Minister of […]

Henk Veerman to FC Utrecht | Football

After Sidney van Hooijdonk’s transfer to the Frisian club, Veerman set his sights on a departure and FC Utrecht quickly struck. While two Veermen still played in the Abe Lenstra Stadium before the winter break, there are zero after the winter break. Joey Veerman realized his dream transfer to PSV, while Henk continues his career […]

Blizzard will create survival set in a new universe

Blizzard is working on the yet unannounced AAA production belonging to the new brand. Not much is known about this title at the moment. It is only known that it will be survival, which will be released on PC and other consoles. This information they come The job advertisement was posted on the official Activision […]