Volkswagen intends to resume production of Dacia’s rival Spring

German carmaker Volkswagen plans to restart production of the e-Up! The decision comes as a result of the growing demand for zero-emission cars at affordable prices. VW e-Up! it was taken out of production in 2020 due to dramatically increased delivery times due to high demand. In addition, the electric urban was not designed for […]

Mom sues Instagram and Snapchat over 11-year-old daughter’s suicide

We talk a lot about the negative impact of social networks on the mental health of young people. Incidentally, the mother-of-one is now suing the parent companies of Instagram and Snapchat, accusing the two platforms of the suicide of her 11-year-old daughter. According to the mother, the child was completely and excessively addicted to both […]

Japan conveys to the US its concern over China’s nuclear advances

Prime Minister of Japan, Fumio Kishida, transmitted this Friday to the president of U.S, Joe Biden, his concern about nuclear advances in China and the danger they can pose in the Indo-Pacific region. A high-ranking US government official explained in a telephone press conference that Biden and Kishida held a 90-minute virtual meeting, which is […]

Alexander Yordanov: Kiril Petkov betrayed the Bulgarians in Northern Macedonia

MEP Alexander Yordanov / Staff: Nova News “Kiril Petkov’s visit to Northern Macedonia was completely ill-considered, unprepared and without any results. On the contrary. It encouraged the Macedonian side to strengthen the language of hatred towards Bulgaria. It is no coincidence that worthy people in our country mention that Petkov is the first statesman in […]

“Saturday School” of the Dotter Foundation in Darmstadt

The goal of the “Saturday school for talented craftsmen” program for scholarship holders is to prepare journeymen for managerial tasks. DARMSTADT – (red). This year, the Dotter Foundation, together with the Chamber of Crafts Frankfurt-Rhein-Main and the Foundation Polytechnic Society Frankfurt am Main, is organizing the project “Saturday School for Talented Craftsmen” for the sixth […]

How Louie Anderson Was Cast For ‘Coming in America’

In “Coming to America,” Louie Anderson, who lost his battle with cancer at age 68, played Maurice, the aspiring assistant manager of McDowell’s who enthusiastically rose through the ranks learning the intricacies of fast food. “Hey, I started mopping the floor like you guys,” Maurice told Prince Akeem and Semmi played by Eddie Murphy and […]

Russia and Ukraine crisis – – A slow bleeding over time

This fall could satellite images show that the Russians had moved a significant number of soldiers closer to the border with Ukraine. The escalation in the conflict has led to concerns among both NATO and the United States, who believe the purpose of the escalation is to invade. – Now we are there that Russia […]

Ponorogo DHF Cases Start to Rise, Eradication of Mosquito Nests Becomes the Key to Aedes Aegypti Eradication

Reporter’s Report, Sofyan Arif Candra TRIBUNJATIM.COM, PONOROGO – For the sake of pressing Dengue hemorrhagic fever transmission rate (DBD) Pemkab Ponorogo promote fogging and eradication of mosquito nests (PSN). Head of Disease Prevention and Control (P2P) District Health Office Ponorogo Heni Lastari, said that for Friday (21/1/2022), there were 10 points that were the […]

“Lots of clubs on Lobotka. Marek was decisive in making him choose Naples “

Martin Petras, a member of the entourage of Marek Hamsik, spoke during the Radio Goal broadcast and spoke about the negotiation that brought Stanislav Lobotka to Naples in January 2020: “I’ll tell you a background. Since December 2019 Marek has led the negotiation that brought Lobotka to Napoli. I remember when Marek told me that […]

Vladimir Steklov’s wife considered herself a bad mother

Irina Romanova The chosen one of the artist almost fell into depression after giving birth. Vladimir Steklov with his wife Irina. Photo: Fourth wife Vladimir Steklov admitted that the birth of a child turned out to be a great shock for her. Irina faced a bad mother complex. “I had trouble breastfeeding. Banged her […]