No car gift for the princess on her 18th birthday – VG

Since 1924, the royals have received a car as a gift when they come of age. But that tradition is now over, and Princess Ingrid Alexandra gets a car-free birthday. Published: Just updated – Due to the royal house’s gift rules, KNA will not give a car to Princess Ingrid Alexandra when she turns 18 […]

Words from experts. Messin real estate is prospering thanks to the border effect

In Metz, the Covid-19 pandemic will only have accentuated an underlying trend: houses and apartments are selling quickly and well, especially when they have gardens or terraces and parking. From September 2020 to August 2021, the price index increased by 10% throughout the city and by 13% in the hyper-centre. The median price of €2,130/m2 […]

New York – Diverted flight to arrest a journalist: Belarusians charged

– Rerouted flight to arrest journalist: Belarusians charged US justice announced on Thursday the indictment of Belarusian government officials accused of having diverted a Ryanair plane in 2021 to arrest an opposition journalist who was on board. Published: 20.01.2022, 23:33 The plane had been forced to land on May 23 in Minsk and the Belarusian […]

What the study by the scientific journal The Lancet says that analyzes why, for 50 jurists, vaccination against COVID-19 should be mandatory

Vaccines against COVID-19 have shown benefits in preventing severe disease and mortality. There are already some authorized in children Vaccines against COVID-19 were evaluated in clinical trials without skipping the classic phases of clinical research in record time and demonstrated safety and efficacy. There are already 9 inoculants that have received authorization for emergency use, […]

Angela de Jong furious after ANGRY: ‘Shocking!’

Angela de Jong, the scourge of the Dutch picture tube, reacts furiously to the broadcast of BOOS over The Voice of Holland. The remote control diva had a hard time pointing out what she found most disgusting: Jeroen Rietbergen, Marco Borsato, Ali B. or the ‘cold reaction’ of John de Mol. In her column in […]

Summary of foreign impressions of Total War: Warhammer 3

Just today, the embargo on journalistic impressions from the preview build was probably the most anticipated strategy game of this year, so we caught in the foreign media and we offer mediated impressions and excerpts from the playing of foreign colleagues. Windows Central: freedom and potential of RPG elements When building Total War: Warhammer 3, […]

In January, are there good deals in luxury stores?

After 20 minutes in line, she enters the shop, takes a quick tour of the shop. She looks good, no price is displayed. When she inquires with the sellers, good news, she learns that there are many sales. Going upstairs to look, she sees that there are no sales on the bags, but of course […]