Prediction New York-Minnesota Timberwolves NBA- LeFigaro Sports Paris

A return to form for the Knicks? By Tanguy Sanlaville Published on 01/18/2022 at 10:41 a.m., updated 2022-01-18 11:41 Content designed and provided by SportSight 11th in the Eastern Conference with a victory behind Washington, 8th, the Knicks are still in the race for the playoffs, but are progressing slowly and remain on a defeat […]

With the progress of Ómicron, weekly vaccination against COVID-19 grew 38% in Argentina

74% of the population of Argentina already has the complete vaccination schedule /REUTERS/Agustin Marcarian as long as there was an explosive advance due to the circulation of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus throughout the territory, the strategic vaccination plan against COVID-19 in Argentina accelerated again in the middle of summer. Between the first week […]

Samsung Announces Exynos 2200, Prospective Processor in Galaxy S22, Jakarta – Samsung has just announced the presence of its latest processor, the Exynos 2200. This new processor is designed with Samsung Xclipse GPU based on AMD RDNA 2 architecture. Armed with ARM-based CPU cores and an upgraded NPU, the Exynos 2200 delivers the best gaming experience in the world smartphone, including the overall […]

Airline boss warns 5G could damage planes

Jakarta – Network 5G will become mainstream over time. However, the implementation of 5G, apart from the positive impact, also raises some concerns regarding the network technology. This concern initially arose from certain circles who had shared conspiracy theories about how 5G could cause disease. Many experts later confirmed that the claim was not true. […]

Why are fuel prices reaching record highs?

The price of a barrel of Brent oil, which is equivalent to 42 US gallons, or about 159 liters, is now worth $87.73. It has never been so expensive since 2014. For motorists, a liter of diesel is sold for an average of €1.62 in France. How to explain this rise in oil? There are […]

Former FARC hostage Betancourt wants to become Colombia president | Abroad

“I want to finish what I started in 2002,” said 60-year-old Betancourt. She hopes to become the candidate on behalf of the center parties. If she is nominated, she can participate in the first round of elections on May 29. According to Betancourt, Colombia is “ready for a change of course.” As a center candidate, […]

5 delicious breakfasts that are good for diabetics

Jakarta – Diabetics have certain dietary restrictions to maintain blood sugar stability. Some of the following delicious breakfast menus are safe for consumption, what are they? In order for blood sugar levels to remain stable, diabetics must continue to maintain the intake of food they consume every day. They are advised to abstain from foods […]

poker that is worth the quarters to the bianconeri

Cuadrado opens the dance, then Rugani, Dybala and Morata on a penalty run rampant in the second half. Conti’s Sampdoria network The Juventus beat 4-1 la Sampdoria qualifying to the quarters of Italian Cup. Game without history at the Stadium with the Bianconeri leading in the 25th minute with a free-kick by Square deflected by […]