Real Madrid won the first trophy of the season!

yesterday 21:40 | Real Madrid footballers triumphed in Sunday’s final of the Spanish Super Cup over Athletics Bilbao 2: 0. Real’s goals in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, were shot by Luka Modric and Karim Benzem after 11th. The “white ballet” players have won the trophy twelve times in the club’s history, only FC Barcelona’s biggest rival […]

Respond Wisely to NFT Trends

JAKARTA, – Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali or Ghozali Everyday suddenly became a rich man thanks to his selfies that were sold in OpenSea. This phenomenon was then followed by other Indonesian citizens. Unfortunately, this trend is not being followed with caution as many are upload a photo of yourself with an ID card which […]

Comedian claims he has the smallest apartment in New York

Size matters – in this battle for the Big Apple’s smallest tablets. A comedian living in West Harlem says his small space beats an apartment that went viral on TikTok for being the “smallest” in town. “When I bring guests, we pretty much hang out in the backyard,” Ron Ervin said. “We go inside for […]

NATO is ready to discuss with Russia the reduction of nuclear weapons – Stoltenberg

According to the Secretary General, the mutual reduction of armaments will benefit both Russia and the military bloc. However, NATO does not plan to withdraw its troops from countries that have joined the Alliance since 1997. NATO is ready to participate in negotiations with Russia on mutual arms reductions, including nuclear weapons. About this in […]

Söder daughter Gloria-Sophie Burkandt wants to start as a model in New York

In Germany, Gloria-Sophie, who at 1.85 has the perfect model size, has already made it onto the cover of the magazine “Max”. Still as “Markus Söder’s beautiful daughter”. But the 23-year-old hopes to make a name for herself soon. “It is clear that the fashion world has nothing to do with politics. But I also […]

The French parliament has approved a draft law on vaccination passports – the EU

Listen to the news The French parliament has finally approved, with the last vote of the deputies, the bill introducing vaccination passports, which the government wants to introduce as soon as possible due to the epidemic of COVID-19, AFP reported, quoted by BTA. The text was approved by the lower house with 215 votes in […]

Answers Why Crocodiles Didn’t Go Extinct with Dinosaurs Revealed

LONDON – Around 66 million years ago, dinosaurs ruled Earth, but after a large asteroid hit Earth they became extinct. But only crocodile which to this day still survives. As reported by Coversation, scientists think three-quarters of all types (species) of animals that once lived on Earth have been wiped out, including most of the […]

Crying Naoki Maeda played out for FC Utrecht after eleven minutes | Football

The FC Utrecht midfielder, coming from Nagoya Grampus, had to be carried off the field in the eleventh minute of the match against Ajax with a serious ankle injury. He later left the stadium in tears on his way to the hospital. As it looks now, it seems that the 27-year-old Japanese will be sidelined […]

Manager of Beber Honor Nagita Slavina, Raffi Ahmad Shocked Immediately! – Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina deserve to be called a unique and phenomenal celebrity couple. Because, both of them have brilliant careers and abundant wealth. However, who would have thought if Raffi Ahmad | apparently did not know about the amount of his wife’s salary every time it appeared on television. READ ALSO: […]